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David Hillier
London, UKEverfest Staff Writer@GobshoutMore Authors | Got a tip?Email This Author
Stories by David Hillier
Tomorrowland 2017 na courtesy of 1 2
Festival All-Star: Carl Cox
by  David Hillier
This King of Ibiza is one on the nicest people in electronic music.
Block9 by allan gregorio heroimage
8 Of The World's Most Colourful LGBT Music Festivals
by  David Hillier
These flamboyant fiestas represent diversity to the max.
Boomtownfair 2017 scott salt 21
9 Spiritual Alternatives to Glastonbury
by  David Hillier
While Europe's biggest fest is in its fallow year, try these for a change.
Festival number 6 festival number 6   05
10 of Europe's Most Amazing Festival Locations
by  David Hillier
They're guaranteed to give you goosebumps.
Positivus festival 2017 courtesy of 2
10 of Europe's Best Summer Festivals for Those on a Budget
by  David Hillier
These prices are so 20th century.
Bestival toronto hero
11 Things We Can’t Wait For At Bestival 2017
by  David Hillier
It's so much more than the music. (Which is awesome too!)
Secret garden party richard johnson freddie fellowes
Festival All-Star: Freddie Fellowes, Founder of Secret Garden Party
by  David Hillier
Also known as the Head Gardener.
Glastonbury 2011 community spaces fund via flickr creative commons
Festival All-Star: Glastonbury Founder Michael Eavis
by  David Hillier
The 81-year-old on family, the power of music, and the future of Worthy Farm.
Samantha milligan   the woodland tribe   cd4d4ada 6b94 11e6 8ff6 aab69d8b7bb7   web
The World's Best (And Most Expensive) Glamping Options
by  David Hillier
You might want to trade in your scuzzy tent for a four-bed suite after seeing these luxury options...
Burning seed 2015 jorgenn
Go Beyond Black Rock City with These Awesome Regional Burns
by  David Hillier
Lucky for you, there's a way to experience Burning Man's legacy in almost every corner of the world.
Love international festival 2016 khris cowley 11
How to Choose the Perfect European Festival for Your Next Epic Adventure
by  David Hillier
You've got a few festivals under your belt and want something new. Here's how you choose.
Sónar 2015 sónar festival   4
11 European Festivals That Will Satisfy Your Inner Nerd
by  David Hillier
These fests explore technology’s role in the future of music.
What the festival 2016 daniel zetterstrom   30
8 Pre-Festival Rituals All Festies Do
by  David Hillier
No one can fully escape the pre-event hype.
Paris techno parade paris tourist office 05
Get to Know Europe's Best Cities with These Incredible Urban Music Festivals
by  David Hillier
Because sometimes, you don't want to have to travel to a far-away field for that festival magic.
Tomorrowland 2015 eden shohat   04
11 Festivals We Can't Wait to Get Fancy For in 2016
by  David Hillier
Whether it's an entire festival theme, or a vibe where whimsical costumes are the norm, these are the international fests to start planning your outfits for now.
Symbiosis 2015 galen oakes   45 of 50
8 Reasons Why We Love Festival Mornings
by  David Hillier
Whether you're pulling an all-nighter or got way less sleep than you wanted, festival mornings are magical.
Trinidad carnival quinten questel cc httpflic.krpkhj8aw 18
Sun and Reggae Riddims: 10 of The Best Caribbean Music Festivals
by  David Hillier
Beyond reggae, dancehall, soca and calypso, the Caribbean also has a growing electronic music scene – and these festivals are leading the charge.