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Stories by Eamon Armstrong
Coachella 2018 nikki jahanforouz 8
How Men Can Stop Harassment at Festivals Like Coachella
by  Eamon Armstrong
And why it’s our responsibility to change the culture of live events.
Copy of bonnaroo2015 jorgphoto 01041
Why Bonnaroo Has the Best Vibe of Any Mainstream Music Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
It's all about the Bonnaroovians!
Afrikaburn 2013 jonx 14
Can't Make it to the Playa? Here Are 19 Alternatives to Burning Man
by  Eamon Armstrong
Get your Black Rock City fix with these global fests.
Oregon eclipse 2017 jacob avanzato 36
How to Make Friends at a Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
Eight tips for whether you’re riding solo or with a group.
Afrikaburn 2017 gilles bonugli kali   10
AfrikaBurn: The Unbearable Whiteness of Burning
by  Eamon Armstrong
What Burning Man in Africa taught me about the privilege to "find yourself."
Coachella do lab stage 2016 weekend 2 daniel zetterstrom   69
The Do LaB Stage is a Wormhole from Coachella to Burning Man
by  Eamon Armstrong
...and that's a good thing for burner culture.
Rainbow serpent 2018 francesco vicenzi    1 of 42 (31)
Punters of Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018
by  Eamon Armstrong
Celebrating 21 years of fun in the outback, it was a party to remember.
Wonderfruit festival 2017 courtesy of aerial shot mangroves
Wonderfruit: Thailand’s Celebration of Sustainable Partying
by  Eamon Armstrong
What a Wonderfruit world!
Festival karma hero
Fest300 Is Now Everfest, the World’s Festival Guide
by  Eamon Armstrong
Exciting changes are in store!
Boomtown fair 2015   45
BoomTown Fair: England's "Choose Your Own Adventure" Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
This isn’t a festival, it's a wild frontier town full of surprises.
Shambhala music festival 2015 xavier  photography   12
Why Shambhala Has the Best Harm Reduction Program of Any Big North American Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
The festival's progressive health services are second only to Boom in Portugal. 
Garbicz 2016 birdmilk collective
Garbicz Festival: Berlin's Best Party is in Poland
by  Eamon Armstrong
Cutting-edge dance music meets old world charm.
Secret garden party 2017 people of max miechowski 3
Priceless Punters of the Last Secret Garden Party
by  Eamon Armstrong
Did SGP's paparazzi capture you at your finest?
High serra music festival 2014 art gimbel 34
High Sierra Is an Unpretentious Shredfest
by  Eamon Armstrong
This killer California festival has none of the fuss and double the bus.
Afrikaburn 2017 gilles bonugli kali   16
AfrikaBurn: That Other Thing In The Other Desert
by  Eamon Armstrong
Photographs and musings on South Africa's regional Burning Man event. 
Desert hearts spring 2017 galen oakes   02
How The Hell Can Desert Hearts Maintain that Perfect Vibe?
by  Eamon Armstrong
Mikey Lion lays out the next five years of House, Techno and Love.
Envision festival 2016 eric allen photo painting
WATCH - Psychedelic First Aid: The Art of Helping Someone Who's Tripping Out at a Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
Learn about the Zendo Project and the 4 Pillars of Psychedelic First Aid at Envision Festival in Costa Rica.
Further future 2015 staice hess 06
What Happened to Further Future?
by  Eamon Armstrong
FF003 will not occur in 2017 as the founders outline a bold new vision. 
Boom festival 2016 jakob kolar photography   0
Boom Festival: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Surrender to Psytrance
by  Eamon Armstrong
A beginners guide to entering the hive of stokedness with Android Jones
Burning man 2016 andrew jorgensen art of burning man 14 1
The Otherworldly Art Installations of Burning Man 2016
by  Eamon Armstrong
A few of our favorite big art pieces from Black Rock City.
Camp bestial 2016 fluer
Camp Bestival: I Asked Children the Meaning of Life at an English Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
The kids of Camp Bestival know how to keep it simple. 
Lightning in a bottle 2016 connie ha   031
Postcards From Fabulous Lightning in a Bottle
by  Eamon Armstrong
These are a few of our favorite vibes.
Further future 2016 tomas loewy 17 crowds
Why the Conversation About Further Future Matters so Much to the Festival Community
by  Eamon Armstrong
An argument for a brave event that's attempting to break the festival mold.
Rainbow serpent festival 2016 francesco vicenzi   20
Rainbow Serpent: What I Learned About Myself While Raving in the Outback
by  Eamon Armstrong
How partying with Aussies taught me to let go of my ego.