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Stories by Eamon Armstrong
Symbiosis 2015 galen oakes   22 of 50
10 Ways Symbiosis Was the Best Festival to End the Summer
by  Eamon Armstrong
These were a few of our favorite things.
Hero burning man 2015 galen oakes
Sometimes Burning Man Is Challenging
by  Eamon Armstrong
But we can learn from it.
Boomtown fair 2015 tristan dunford people   27 of 34
People of BoomTown Fair 2015
by  Eamon Armstrong
The magic of BoomTown are its colorful citizens.
Wilderness 2015 wilderness the spectacle
Be Awestruck by The Spectacle at Wilderness Festival 2015
by  Eamon Armstrong
Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire collaborated with La Fura Dels Baus to create a jaw-dropping visual marvel.
Base coast 2015 zipporah lomax   14
The Babes of Bass Coast 2015
by  Eamon Armstrong
Get in touch with your inner babe.
Zendo 6
How to Help Someone Who's Tripping Out at a Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
Learn the Four Pillars of Psychedelic First Aid
Art mirror
The Magical Festival Photography of Art Gimbel
by  Eamon Armstrong
"I just want to make everybody look good."
Royh dhearts
10 Ways Desert Hearts Got That Impeccable Vibe
by  Eamon Armstrong
A master class in how to craft a micro-festival.
Envision zendo andrew jorgensen 1
I Did “Psychedelic First Aid” at a Festival in Costa Rica
by  Eamon Armstrong
How The Zendo Project helps the festival community take care of its own.
Daft punk trash fence
10 Brilliant Burning Man Memes
by  Eamon Armstrong
It was better last year...
Envision festival 2014 daniel zetterstrom 26
13 More Burning Man Alternatives
by  Eamon Armstrong
Missing the Burn this year? You've got options.
Christina queen of brc burning man art cars 2014 duncan rawlinson
Burning Man 2014 Art Car Yearbook
by  Eamon Armstrong
Brilliant images of over 200 wild mutant vehicles roaming the playa at Burning Man Caravansary. 
Coachella 2014 the confluence 53
How to Find Your Friends at a Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
Some dos and don'ts for keeping your crew together.
Burning man 2013 art gimbel 10
7 Existential Art Cars at Burning Man 2013
by  Eamon Armstrong
A mutant vehicle's search for meaning.