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Graham Berry
Los Angeles, CAEverfest Staff Writer@Festival_WriterMore Authors | Got a tip?Email This Author
Stories by Graham Berry
Northern nights music festival 2015 heart hands courtesy of nnmf
5 Romantic Ways to Turn Up the Heat at Northern Nights Music Festival
by  Graham Berry
They're guaranteed to free your heart and mind.
Shambhala music festival 2015 xavier  photography   12
6 Alcohol-Free Festivals That Rock
by  Graham Berry
We love that these fests challenge the boozy norm.
Beyond wonderland 2015 chris hong 07
Festival All-Star: Rainbow Aurora Rotella
by  Graham Berry
Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella's toddler daughter is already making waves in the festival world.
Lib 1514 tedshots
Festival All-Star: Paul E. Amori
by  Graham Berry
Meet the love-obsessed mayor of Lightning in a Bottle.
Lightning in a bottle 2016 juliana bernstein get tiny photography
Goodbye Temple, Hello Compass: LIB Brings Activism to Its 2017 Event
by  Graham Berry
Lightning in a Bottle wants to jumpstart social and political activism in the festival community.
Coachella do lab stage 2017 daniel zetterstrom 6
DoLaB Debuts The Beacon at Coachella for a Taste of LIB's Future
by  Graham Berry
It's more than just a stage.
Envision festival 2015 art gimbel waterfall 01
5 Psychological Benefits of Festivaling Abroad
by  Graham Berry
When you leave home, you're guaranteed a ton of personal growth.
Hero africaburn simon ocallaghan
Festival All-Star: Artist Daniel Popper
by  Graham Berry
The South African installation artist's work is some of the most commanding you'll ever see at a festival.
Burning man 2014 scott london temple of grace
16 Years of Burning Man Temples and the Story of David Best
by  Graham Berry
How Best, alongside his documentarian friend Laurent de Gall, are taking temple burns beyond the playa.
Woogie weekend 2015 andrew jorgensen tara brooks
8 Sets to Catch by the Women of Woogie Weekend
by  Graham Berry
Sit back and bask in the sounds that make these women the powerhouses that they are.
Lightning in a bottle 2015 andrew jorgensen jive joint
10 Experiences That Make Lightning In a Bottle Unique
by  Graham Berry
These are what take the festival from a music event to a fully immersive world of self discovery.
Further future 2015 staice hess 59
Further Future, A Lofty Vision of Mindful Edutainment
by  Graham Berry
All eyes are on the Robot Heart-produced festival's second year. Will it rise above its debut?
Beloved festival 2015 zipporah lomax   05
Festivals are Pushing the Boundaries of Academics and Education
by  Graham Berry
Who said college and a mountain of student debt were the only ways to get an education these days?
Bonnaroo 2015 marco sanchez   37
5 Predictions for the 2016 Season from U.S. Festival Experts
by  Graham Berry
Richer cultural experiences, enhanced harm reduction and cleaner bathrooms are in your festival future.
Northern nights 2015 vlad photo tucker gumber
Festival All-Star: Tucker Gumber, The Festival Guy
by  Graham Berry
By fully dedicating himself to festivals, he's helping make them even better.
Dream rockwell do lab
Festival All-Star: Lightning In a Bottle's Dream Rockwell
by  Graham Berry
“It hasn’t been easy to get women to feel safe in this realm...But once they do, these women are unstoppable."
Seth godin 1
Festie TED Talks: Seth Godin on The Tribes We Lead
by  Graham Berry
Turns out our festie tribes might be more ahead of the curve than we thought.
Beyond wonderland 2015 chris hong 07
Top-Notch Festival Totems from 2015
by  Graham Berry
These will inspire you to up your totem game
Jennifer pickering twice5miles
Festie TEDX Talks: Jennifer Pickering on Living Life as a Festival
by  Graham Berry
True inspiration to infuse our daily lives with the same kind of energy we feel at festivals.
Daniel zetterstrom lucent dossier experience
8 Phenomenal Festival Dance Troupes from 2015
by  Graham Berry
Their bold expressions give us permission to tap into our true, unbridled selves.
Courtesy of reinhabiting the village4
The ReInhabiting the Village Project Proves Change Can Start at Festivals
by  Graham Berry
When true world change seems just out of reach, remember Burning Man veteran Jamaica Stevens' book.
Shambhala 2015 leah gair village stage
The Most Iconic West Coast Festival Sound Systems
by  Graham Berry
We spoke with four sound technology experts about how they make music into memories.
Watchara phomicinda do lab hydrate water gun
10 Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated at Festivals
by  Graham Berry
There's more out there than Camelbaks and metal water bottles.
Symbiosis gathering 2013 art gimbel 06
10 Reasons Everyone's Going to Be at Symbiosis This Year
by  Graham Berry
The West Coasts's premiere transformational festival is back with a vengeance.