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Jenna Sessions
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Stories by Jenna Sessions
What the festival 2014 daniel zetterstrom 14
How Festivals Help to Decommodify Sexual Expression
by  Jenna Sessions
In these liberated environments, we honor the human body without an agenda.
Why Festival Romances Don't Have to Last to Be Great
by  Jenna Sessions
Sometimes embracing love’s impermanence is the greatest gift of all.
Symbiosis 2015 galen oakes   45 of 50
How to Properly Decompress From Festival Season
by  Jenna Sessions
There's a right way and a wrong way to do it.
Dia de los muertos 2015 dijon bowden   30
Re-Center and Reconnect: Why Altars Can Completely Alter Your Festival Experience
by  Jenna Sessions
A chance to slow down and look within is what can make a festival transformative.
Desert hearts 2015 galen oakes people   21
How Can We Be Our "Festival Selves" 365 Days of the Year?
by  Jenna Sessions
You CAN flaunt your fabulous festival self long after festival season is done.
Beloved festival 2017 matte hanna    38 of 43
By Embracing Families at Festivals, We Prime Our Next Generation of Festival-Goers
by  Jenna Sessions
The fest community shouldn't have a minimum age requirement.
Burning man 2016 andrew jorgensen art of burning man 23
How Art Turns a Festival Into a Surreal Wonderland
by  Jenna Sessions
Festival art is a gorgeous reminder that you aren’t in Kansas anymore, and that Oz is a lot more fun.
Bass coast 2015 prettylips danceyhips photography   42
A Women's Safe Space is a Good Idea for Any Festival
by  Jenna Sessions
Because harm reduction at festivals isn't just about drug use.
Astral harvest 2015 phi vernon third eye arts   05
What's the Difference Between a Rave and an Electronic Music Festival?
by  Jenna Sessions
It all comes down to intention and what we like to call "white space."
Symbiosis 2015 galen oakes   44 of 50
Why Festivals Are Your Chance to Party...with a Purpose
by  Jenna Sessions
We have to start asking ourselves what we are looking for when we get into festie mode.