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Marcus Barnes
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Stories by Marcus Barnes
Exit festival 2014 exit festival green velvet carl craig 2
10 Reasons Why Exit Festival's Dance Arena is One of the Best Rave Spaces on Earth
by  Marcus Barnes
Partying 'til sunrise in a medieval fortress = WIN.
Burning man love sculpture cremerica
7 Reasons Why Festival Romances Can Go The Distance
by  Marcus Barnes
Leave those one-night stands in the dust.
Symbiosis 2015 galen oakes   42 of 50
23 of the Best (and Silliest) Festival Gadgets Out There
by  Marcus Barnes
Yes, there is such thing as a unicorn emoji powerbank.
Meadows in the mountains 2017 aron klein    3 of 3
This Festival Brings Love and Support to Elders in Bulgaria
by  Marcus Barnes
What Meadows in the Mountains can teach us about community.
Secret garden party 2015 danny north 1
How to Survive a Festival If You’re Sober
by  Marcus Barnes
It's easier than you think.
Snowbombing 2016 giles smith   1
7 Reasons Snowbombing is the Ultimate Winter Festival
by  Marcus Barnes
Here's what makes this ski festival still so damn unique after 19 years.
Arc perth friday shotaway 024
Unity and Community: How the Arcadia Spider's Web Captured the Planet
by  Marcus Barnes
The massive stage represents a lot more than simply a chance to melt your face off.
Secret garden party 2017 people of max miechowski 5
11 Ways to Thrive at Festivals When You're on a Budget
by  Marcus Barnes
Because going broke for festivals is not an option.
Wanderlust 2016 courtesy of 26
10 Ways You Can Protect the Planet At Festivals
by  Marcus Barnes
Because every little effort counts.
Hardly strictly bluegrass festival 2017 kristina bakrevski 26
7 Ways to Beat the Festival Blues on the Journey Home
by  Marcus Barnes
Conquer the comedown.
Boryeong mud festival 2008 shawn perez cc 43
Essential Tips for Rejuvenating Your Festival Wardrobe
by  Marcus Barnes
Festival wardrobe muddy? Dusty? Generally lackluster? These tips will help.
Symbiosis gathering 2016 galen oakes   48 of 96
Crucial Ways to Beat High Temperatures During Festival Season
by  Marcus Barnes
Keeping your cool is paramount when temperatures go sky high.
Outlook 2016 marc sethi 0213
8 Tips to Prepare You For Your First Overseas Festival
by  Marcus Barnes
You'll be so thankful you planned ahead.
Desert hearts juliana bernstein
20 Awesome Photos That Showcase the World’s Most Transformative Festivals
by  Marcus Barnes
They're from a new book that unveils the life-changing beauty of these events.
Why Croatia is Europe's Hottest Festival Destination
by  Marcus Barnes
As festies and organizers tired of Ibiza, a perfect storm of factors coalesced to crown Croatia the new hotspot.
Unite barcelona 2017 hero
Thousands Flee Stage Fire at Tomorrowland Offshoot In Barcelona
by  Marcus Barnes
Inferno engulfed stage during Spanish event.
Sgp paint fight jenna foxton
8 Secret Garden Party Memories That Will Last Forever
by  Marcus Barnes
What a way to say goodbye.
Sgp heroimage
9 of Secret Garden Party's Greatest Innovations
by  Marcus Barnes
The UK fest ends forever this year, but it certainly set the bar high.
Lovebox 2017 heroimage
21 Shots of the Beautiful People of Lovebox Festival 2017
by  Marcus Barnes
It's a glorious celebration of London's diversity.
Copy of  mg 9419
25 Snaps From Noisily's Outstanding 2017 Edition
by  Marcus Barnes
Great music, unusually hot weather and beautiful people.
002 bilbao bbk live 2017 público credit dena flows heroimage
31 Photos From The Brilliant Bilbao BBK Live
by  Marcus Barnes
Smiley faces, music royalty and a stunning location made this a special one.
Block9 by allan gregorio 21
People of Glastonbury's Outrageous LGBT Club NYC Downlow
by  Marcus Barnes
Here, you get an experience like nowhere else at Glastonbury.
Glastonbury2017 jakelewis14
30 Wonderful Snaps From Glastonbury 2017
by  Marcus Barnes
This year's fest was arguably the best in quite some time.
Glastonbury2017 jakelewis heroimage
7 Reasons Glastonbury Is Like No Other Festival On Earth
by  Marcus Barnes
It's the blueprint for basically every other huge music festival.