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Proud Lake|3500 N Wixom Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI | Map

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From the Organizer

Join us for our fifth summer of yoga! The Barefoot & Free Yoga Festival is an unforgettable weekend with over 40 yoga teachers, meditators, artists, shamans, health & empowerment coaches and healers from all over the US. Gathered together in the perfect nature setting. Our festival is surrounded by the peaceful woods of Proud Lake, steps away from the Huron River & the clean waters of Proud Lake. Nature trails all around us, it’s the ideal summer spot. Immerse yourself in all the magic and wisdom with yoga classes empathizing living your best life and feeling fully alive in your body. A diverse line up with yoga for everyone including kids free under 12! Included in your ticket is sound healing, art classes, herbalism, nature walks, shamanic journeying, women and men’s gatherings, music and so much more. Come be a “free bird” with us and sleep under the stars. We offer glamping as well as camping & bunkhouses. Bring your kiddos and enjoy childcare during many of the time slots as well as kids’ yoga. Our mission is to create immersive gatherings in nature. Gatherings centered on yoga, conscious evolution, play, and a remembrance of what it feels like to truly feel free. Each event we offer is carefully crafted around our mission. Our end goal is about YOU finding your AUTHENTIC voice. We believe each person is here on earth to THRIVE. We provide gatherings centered on practices that help each one of us connect to who we really are. This involves; healing our bodies, hearts and minds. Releasing lineage trauma and past experiences that keep us playing small. Then opening ourselves up to source energy. Creativity, vitality, bounding passion- channeling the nectar of being ALIVE! We bring together conscious high vibrational people. We meticulously choose our presenters. We don’t go for the “yoga famous “ but rather those fully embodying their true self. Teaching with passion, sharing from their heart. We bring people together that will excite you to live your DREAM life. We pick places on Earth where the land speaks to us. We prefer forests, beaches, trees, rivers, rocks, dirt and sky over conference rooms and cities. We feel we are inside enough, in cities enough. Barefoot, is about getting back to the places that beacon you to listen to your guides. Our mission is about FEELING FREE. And YES, we love being Barefoot! For more information, please visit