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Get ready to “Play Dirty” with us this October as we return to Modesto for a very special boutique camping festival. We believe we’ve perfected the best boutique festival in the world. Dirtybird Campout includes color team games, Claude’s Cabin, Birdhouse and Bass Lodge music stages and the best fans. It just doesn't get any better. 5 Experiences you'll only have at Dirtybird Campout: 1. Choose your team color and compete in games for true summer camp vibes. 2. Our artists don’t hide behind velvet ropes, they play DJ sets and games and hang out at the festival with you. 3. Fans and performers intermingle to form a close-knit community. Lifetime friendships, marriages and relationships are created through the magic of Campout. 4. Get really, really weird watching comedy or bingo or any of the strange shows on Claude’s Cabin. 5. Fans can create their own activities, art and experiences inside the festival with help from our Peacock Program. Every year we have campers tell us this was the best weekend of their lives. We strive to create the most unforgettable, inclusive, and creative event possible. But we really just provide the vehicle to make it all happen. The Campout community fuels this weekend with something truly special that can’t be described - only experienced for yourself. Our fans have been creating special moments inside and outside our events for years. Tickets go on sale May 12 for Dirtybird Campout, located at the Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds in Waterford, CA, October 7-9, 2022.