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::::::::::::::::::It's your beer journey...let's make the most of it:::::::::::::::::::::: We're here to enjoy, not get wasted. Hibrewnation can be the first or the next step on your beer journey. We can help you can taste your way through the basics, find your next favorite beer, learn about styles you never knew existed, and knab the next hype check-in. It's all here. It's for everyone who wants to enjoy beer instead of just drink it. :::::::Get Started::::::: At Hibrewnation, we pick every beer so that you can come out and try all the styles instead of 37 versions of the same trendy beer. Everyone starts somewhere, and so we make sure there are plenty of selections from the easy drinking up to the rare and hard to find and we try to grab 3-4 selections from each brewery. It’s about your journey, not ours. :::::::Get Geeky::::::: Ready for the next level? We’ve got timed release beers we’ve been cellaring just for the festivals. We have pins and firkins pouring one-off beers. We have secret stashes hidden away with hype beers and classics like CBS. We have a bottle shop with some off the wall crazy pants stuff, and some normal stuff too. We have custom beers made for the event and you can get the only 4 packs available. And we have French-pressings of stuff like Bourbon County. Get as geeky as you want. It’s fun not a chore. :::::::Keep track..or don’t::::::: First timer or 5 percenter, we make a nice little check-in sheet so you can mark down what sort of stuff you like. If you’re new to this, it’s a nice way to remember. If you’ve been doing this for a while, we usually have Untappd QR codes you can scan. If you don’t care, that’s cool too. At any point, you can search out Uncle Traveling Matt himself and he can recommend some beers based on what you’ve liked so far. :::::::Don’t forget the Homebrew::::::: This year we are adding a large homebrew competition to the mix. Look for an additional 40-60 brewers pouring liquids to rival the established brewers as they duke it out for amazing prizes.