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Greater Tacoma Convention Center|1500 Commerce St, Tacoma, WA | Map

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Jet City Comic Show is a family friendly comic book convention on November 4-5, 2017 in downtown Tacoma, WA Located at: Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, 1500 Commerce, Tacoma, Washington 98402 Featured Celebrities Sarah Butler – I Spit On Your Grave Jeremy Palko – The Walking Dead Sandy Sellner – Power Rangers Fred “The Hammer” Williamson – From Dusk Till Dawn, Black Caeser Michel Gagne – Animator/Special Effects Authors: Robin Hobb – The Farseer Trilogy Roberta Trahan – The Dream Stewards Comic Book Creators: Shawn Aldridge – The Dark and Bloody Matthew Clark – Wonder Woman Jeremy Colwell – Batman Clayton Crain – Carnage Farel Dalrymple – Pop Gun War Evan Dorkin – Milk & Cheese, Beasts of Burden Sarah Dyer – Beasts of Burden Randy Emberlin – Spider-Man Mike Lawerence – The Star Scouts Emi Lenox – Plutona Steve Lieber – Whiteout Ron Randall – Supergirl Ben Templesmith – 30 Days of Night Brett Weldele – Surrogates and More!