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Muleshoe Farm & Ranch Trust|306 US-87, Comfort, TX | Map

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Harvest Moon Celebration is a festive, old world evening of fun and celebration with a twist on the origin of Halloween, or Samhain. The Celts, who lived two thousand years ago in the area that is now Ireland, celebrated Samhain, the end of summer and the harvest, by gathering with food and drink, building bonfires, playing music, wearing costumes, and attempting to tell each other's fortunes, as prophecies were an important source of comfort and direction for the long, dark winter. The celebration will take place around a historic, stone farm home on a working farm in Comfort, Texas, at the edge of a burbling creek lined by ancient cypress trees. Visitors will experience a one of a kind Halloween night that they will never forget! Gates open at 12 noon, when you can stroll the grounds, check out the vendors and find a spot under the trees and enjoy live music, games, demonstrations, and workshops. Later in the afternoon, you will get an up close look at majestic hawks, falcons, owls, vultures, and other raptors during two presentations by Master Falconer John Karger and the team from Last Chance Forever Bird of Prey Conservancy. This moving exhibition and flight demonstration is not to be missed! As the afternoon wanes, the celebration continues with live music and more. During our 2018 festival, prepare to dance the evening away with the fabulous Graham Warwick and his band. Trick or Treating starts just before sundown for all the kids that want hunt for goodies! Food and drinks will be available from a variety of vendors. Owls were also a common sight during Samhain, therefore forever linking them with Halloween. If you’ve ever been awakened by the call of a screech owl, you know why people associate owls with all things eerie, but as Halloween approaches, we want to take time to appreciate the creatures of the night. After dark, enjoy an intriguing look into the world of Owls on the torch lit "Trail of the Mysterious Night Flyers." Live owls will be featured in their natural environment and an interpreter will be on hand at every station to present these marvelous creatures in this one of a kind adventure! We also are bringing a new event to Harvest Moon - star gazing in our mobile observatory. If you take the Celtic theme, add the scenery of the Texas Hill Country, a beautiful antique stone home, the music, the birds, art, the kids running around, all of that equals a one of a kind experience visitors to Harvest Moon Celebration will never forget! The ticket price and any donations benefit the work of Last Chance Forever Bird of Prey Conservancy.