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It’s that time of year again when thousands of Santas shall descend upon downtown Reno to enjoy good spirits & yule-tide cheer! Over 15,000 festive-clad wassailers will enjoy the jolly 16th year of the Reno Santa Pub Crawl! But we’re topping that this year! Remember Reno does not have a last call and you can continue to have fun until the next day. We will also let folks know the fun things to do pre-Crawl on Friday night fun & even Santa Skiing! It’s an entire weekend of charitable, holiday FUN!! Keep checking in for the latest! As always, this is first & foremost a local charity fundraiser. We are giving all the proceeds to help our local schools because educated kids make better elves. So, help Support the Claus, buy a cup, book a hotel room & attend! The Reno Santa Pub Crawl is like NO other event! We make it easy for you to eat, drink & be merry! Our event is drawing nationwide attention! We are the largest Santa Pub Crawl in the country! We have even spawned yuletide crawls in other states, as far away as Massachusetts! Ya, we’re kind of a big deal & that’s all thanks to YOU!! Have fun and be safe, SANTA