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VIrtual Film Festival|, Scottsdale, AZ | Map

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Founded in 2001, Scottsdale International Film Festival is an annual five-day destination event that connects audiences with award-winning cinema from around the globe. During its 16-year history, the Festival has presented more than 500 films – ranging from major Academy Award winners to undiscovered indie gems – to more than 90,000 attendees. The catalyst for the Festival is that “film is art is life is film.” Whether film scholar or film lover, most will agree that film is an art form that is both a reflection of our everyday life and a means to escape it. Film can take us away while at the same time embed us in the truth of other people’s stories, some beautiful, some cruel, and some unimaginable. Our attendees eagerly anticipate each season's program of varying tales, contexts, and characters both rare and relatable.