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Everfest stands in solidarity with the Black community and supports the fight for justice and equality. We will be donating the first month of each new vendor & artist subscription to the Austin Justice Coalition. We encourage you to join us and consider supporting the Austin Justice Coalition or the organization leading the ongoing movement for accountability and change in your community.

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Jamaican Festivals 2021 - 2022 Calendar


The Jamaican Festival Scene

Jamaican heritage and tradition travels far beyond the Caribbean. The country’s culture has become a major part of the United States’ identity, for example, which is why it’s not hard to find a nearby Jamaican festival when you’re there. Just follow the steady rumble of the reggae bass and the smells of jerk spices. These festivals showcase the best the island has to offer, from its food and music, to its arts and crafts and history. Think of how happy Bob Marley’s music makes you. Now dial that content control past 10 and you’ll get the idea of how fun these festivals are—you’ll be searching for nearby Jamaican festivals in a heartbeat.