10 Tips to Help You Curate The Perfect Festival Date

Article by: Jonathan Akbari

Fri April 27, 2018 | 12:45 PM

Festivals are magical spaces where human connection and unity is at an all-time high. Synchronicity takes center stage and the pull between people and energies is undeniable. Because of this overabundance of vibes, it’s no surprise that many festies depart with a deeper connection to friends or a festival fling they met over the course of the weekend. Festivals are a perfect place to let your heart guide your experiences and practice vulnerability – and both of these elements can make for amazing festival dates for when you find that special someone. Here are 10 tips to curate a festival date that will carry that spark into the default world.

Take an Art Tour

Art Outside 2014 Christopher Penley

Festivals are full of outdoor (and indoor) galleries and art installations. Take the time to step away from the music and the party to tour the art. See what pieces call you and your date, and use it as a springboard to discover each other's artistic influences. Art tours can be a mellow, sophisticated date that challenges you and your partner to uncover each other’s tastes and gain a deeper insight into the way his or her mind works, thus creating a stronger bond.

Use Real World Language

Northern Nights Music Festival 2015 Christine Ciarcia Forest Walk

When planning a festival date, use real world terms. I'll pick you up at your “house” (camp) or we'll get dinner at your favorite “restaurant” (food vendor). Try to use traditional date ideas in a non-typical setting. The interplay of setting and real world conventions will blend together to create a playful experience that still contextualizes in all in default world terms.

Make It a Double Date

Bpm Festival 2016 Galen Oakes   40

Photo by: Galen Oakes

Bring your favorite couple or camp mates and do a double date. The more the merrier; with more people, the outing will feel more casual and less restrictive. There will also be more conversation and options to curate a more diverse experience.

Keep It Respectful


Don't try to pressure the situation just because you're going on a date. Go with the flow and let everything dictate itself. Sometimes festival dates lead to real world relationships, sometimes they don't. Try dropping your expectations and realize that if someone chose to hang out with you over all the great things happening at festival, that is all you need. Taking anything more off the table can be a great way to create a meaningful relationship that's based off more than physical interaction.

Spend an Evening Dancing

Austin City Limits 2016 Cambria Harkey 1

Take the nighttime to do music only. Plan out your favorite sets together, then dance under the stars and share some of your favorite music with each other. There's nothing better than feeling that dance floor chemistry with your date.

Party Smart

Desert Hearts Spring 2016 Galen Oakes   01

Photo by: Galen Oakes

Going out on a festival date is a chance to party with a beautiful soul and share a mystical and magical experience. But be smart – there is nothing worse than overdoing it and having to end the night early or getting spun out and having a poor showing. Be mindful!

Consent is Sexy

Pride 2015 Dijon Bowden 6

Photo by: Dijon Bowden

There is nothing hotter than consent. Festivals can be a hyper-sexualized space and boundaries are often be blurred, so make sure your partner is on the same page before making any moves. Read your conversation and their body language, and, most importantly, ask before advancing in order to show respect for your date's boundaries.

Plan Around Sunset or Sunrise

Symbiosis Gathering 2016 Galen Oakes   61 Of 96

Photo by: Galen Oakes

The golden hour (sunset) or sunrise can provide some of the most astounding ambience at a festival – call it natural mood lighting. Sometimes Mother Nature puts on the best show, and it gives you a chance to share an awestruck moment or a warm embrace. Planning to share a sunset or sunrise with your festie date is a great way to start the evening or end the night.

Take Movement Classes or Yoga

Arise Festival 2015 Juliana Bernstein   34

There is nothing better than working up a sweat or stretching it out. Diving deep within to center yourselves only increases connectivity between you two. Learning new dance moves or taking an acro yoga class is a great way to bond and learn more about yourself and your partner. Find a class that piques both your interests and let loose.

Go Shopping

Rainbow Serpent Rebecca Metamorphograph

Get fitted with some new gear at your favorite vendors and let your inner peacocks shine. Try on new outfits, get style input and opinions from your date and rock your new threads together. Shopping is a perfect ice breaker; pairing that with dinner is a nice and mellow way to get away from the party and share your steez.

What are your favorite festival date ideas?

This post was originally published in November 2016.