16 Hilarious Things We Overheard at Lights All Night

Article by: Alexa Saltzman

Tue January 02, 2018 | 18:54 PM

Over New Year’s Weekend, 30,000 ravers flocked to the Dallas Market Hall to dance the stresses of 2017 away at the sold-out, eighth annual Lights All Night. This year’s festival hosted some of today’s biggest names in EDM including Bassnectar, Marshmello, Porter Robinson, Illenium, NGHTMRE and Seven Lions, all of whom lived up to the hype at the larger-than-life Supernova Stage, which stretched nearly 50 yards wide. Other crowd favorites included Black Gummy, Morgan Page, and a rare live set from Ookay.

Lights All Night 2017 A Live Coverage 16

Every festival has its hiccups, and for Light’s All Night that came in the form of the sound cutting out during Illenium’s set. Luckily, both Illenium and the audience remained positive and patient while crews quickly addressed the issue. Once fixed, Illenium gave the audience 200%, turning the blunder into an excuse to rage even harder. Despite the power outages during Illenium’s set, the vibe of the crowds was high. There were rarely excessive lines, security moved quickly, and the newly lowered capacity gave attendees the sense of a full house while not packing everyone in like sardines. Plus, totems with poles were banned, so everyone could see the action on stage.

Without further ado, here are the 16 funniest things we overheard at Lights All Night 2017.

On ear protection:

Girl points to bright orange earplugs and asks vendor, “How much for the Cheetos?”

On how to enjoy yourself:

“Just stick your tongue out and have a good time.”

Lights All Night 2017 A Live Coverage 1

On Seven Lions:

“I bet Seven Lions is good in bed. He gives you the climax you need.”

On making your way back to your friends:

Person 1: “How did you get all the way up here through the crowd?!”
Person 2: “I just walked like a lobster," demonstrating with a lobster-esque side shuffle, "and people cleared like the Red Sea.”

On the value of hydration:

Person 1: “I’m going to get water.”
Person 2: “Wait, if you leave now you probably won’t be able to make it back to us.”
Person 1: “Well, that is a risk I am willing to take.” (abruptly leaves)

Lights All Night 2017 Alexa Saltzman Power Rangers

Photo by: Logan Pentecost

On making new friends:

(Group of Power Rangers taking a picture together when out of nowhere a random guy in a pink Power Rangers costume runs up)
Pink Power Ranger: “I’ve found my people!”
Yellow Power Ranger: “Yo! We didn’t have a Pink Power Ranger, you are like our missing link!”

Overheard at the after party:

“My favorite part about Bassnectar is when it’s over.”

Lights All Night 2017 A Live Coverage 1

Overheard in the crowd:

“Pass me that shit, I ain’t no bitch.”

On schedule confusion:

“Is this Seven Eleven, I mean Seven Lions?”

Lights All Night 2017 A Live Coverage 16

On finding your friends:

Guy: “Hey, have you seen my friend Glenn, I can’t find him anywhere”
Girl: “I don’t know your friend. What does he look like?”
Guy: “He’s a tall white dude, he told me to meet him here.”
Girl: “That’s everyone in this crowd.”

On festival lights:

“I asked those guys for a light show but halfway through I realized that there were lights everywhere.”

Lights All Night 2017 A Live Coverage 1

On waiting in line:

Guy confused when the line split into multiple lines: “Dude, this doesn’t seem like a line…"
Same guy later in the line: “We totally picked the good line…"
Same guy just moments later: “Is this still a line? This doesn’t seem like a line...”

On the sacrifices made while taking a bomb Snapchat:

Guy after spinning around the metal hula hoop: “Holy shit I’m dizzy.”

Overheard in the crowd:

Bearded man in a unicorn costume: “Bitch, I am magical.”

Lights All Night 2017 A Live Coverage 16

On the different stages:

Guy 1: “This stage is really loud”
Guy 2: “What did you say?”
Guy 1: “What?”

On constantly trying to find your friends:

(In the middle of the crowd during a set, guy answers his phone, yelling): “Hello?”
“Whatever. We’ll find you later.”
(hangs up)