5 Ways To Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last At a Festival

Article by: Adrian Spinelli|@AGSpinelli

Wed August 26, 2015 | 00:00 AM

If you're like me, you live in constant fear that your cell phone's battery is going to die on you. We all have days where the battery level is below 30% and it's not even noon. Or maybe you've got an older iPhone, where the battery level mysteriously goes from 19% to dead after a text message (I feel your pain).

Now think about these issues when you're at a three-day music festival. Each day is its own unique struggle to get that battery to last just long enough for you to coordinate meet-ups with your friends, post a pic of your favorite band or DJ and then figure out where the after-party is. You gotta hustle and you gotta be wise. 

With that, here are five ideas that will help get you through the day without a dead cell phone and make sure you don't spend 30 minutes at the charging station instead of dancing. Here we go:

1. Get an Extra Portable Cell Phone Battery

Cell Phone Battery Tips 2015 Adrian Spinelli   2
Photo by: Adrian Spinelli

This is a must these days. You can find these back-up batteries at just about any drug store for $20 or less. Make sure it's charged up every night cause it's the best and most portable juice-up idea. When your phone battery gets low, that's when you'll get the best juice from the charge. And if you've been responsible that day, your battery level will be chillin' and you can end up helping a friend out who's in a bind. Now you're a hero too! (Sometimes I bring two batteries, just to be the festival homie, cause why not?!)

2. Get Off of Facebook! 

Do you really need to scroll through your Facebook newsfeed while you're at a festival? Talk about the best place to practice some of that social media self-control. There are engaging things to do/look at/bounce to/eat/drink everywhere you turn. Have fun and enjoy the festival instead of your social media apps. A tweet or a FB post here and there is chill. Just remember to live in the moment (and be careful with Snapchat, it's a crazy battery drain!)

3. Use a Paper Map/Guide Instead of the Festival App

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Photo by: Adrian Spinelli

Dear app developers: Sorry, I'm not sorry. Your app is tight and all, but I keep the festival guide with a map – and most importantly the set schedules – in my back pocket every day. Sometimes I snag two when I walk in, 'cause a friend always says "Where did you get that?! I've been looking for one!" And then I whip out my back-up and give 'em a useful gift. I just don't need to be wasting my cell phone battery on opening and closing an app every time I want to check schedules and other info.

4. Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When You're Gonna Vibe Out to a Set

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Photo by: Adrian Spinelli

This one's tricky, 'cause if you're waiting for a text from a friend who's lost, or a future meet-up, or that girl/guy you met on Day 1 and wants to meet up again, this isn't the best idea for you. But if you know you're not going to need to communicate with anyone for a period of time and you're just enjoying the music, set your phone to Airplane Mode. It powers down all phone activity and connectivity – it's the ultimate standby mode. Don't forget to turn it back on when you plan on communicating with people. 

(Pro Tip: If you're charging your phone with that back-up battery we talked about earlier, it charges twice as fast if your phone is in Airplane Mode. You're welcome)

5. Close Your Apps and Turn Off Location Services

This one is kind of geeky, but it works. Double click your home button (iPhone) and swipe up on all open apps. It stops them from operating in the background, which drains your battery. As for Location Services, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off. You're not going to need Location Services – it runs GPS continuously otherwise – at a festival unless you're geo-tagging a social media post, but we already told you to keep that to a minimum anyway, right? Turn Location Services back on if you're gonna hail an Uber or a Lyft, or geo-tag a post. And always shut-off your Wi-Fi, cause duh.