7 Festivals To Help You Detach, Detox, and Disconnect

Article by: Andrew Goodwin

Wed July 15, 2015 | 00:00 AM

The reasons we thrive on festivals are many: They are places we go to escape work, obligations, stress, and the mundanities of our daily routines. We can slip away to a different world, be our true selves, and bask in the company of friends, both old and new. Some festivals offer a specific focus geared towards mindful living with meditation, yoga and other de-stressing practices, while other festivals simply offer a natural environment for guests to tap into the great outdoors and enjoy their weekend however they choose fit. 

If you're looking to ditch your phone, tablet, and laptop behind and enter the chill zone, look no further. Here are a few of our favorite festivals where you can go to detach, detox, and disconnect from the rest of the world.

BaliSpirit Festival

Bali Spirit Festival 2014 The Confluence   44

Photo by: The Confluence

Located in Ubud, BaliSpirit Festival is an annual event that lets you tap into your inner self through yoga, music, art, and dance. The event attracts many health conscious visitors from all over the world each year who want to partake in a weekend of reinvigoration and relaxation. Amidst the lush, majestic beauty of Bali, you will feel like you’ve slipped into a dream, only to have your body, mind, and soul awoken when it’s all over.


Nestled up in Happy Valley, Oregon, Pickathon provides an intimate, relaxed, and guaranteed fun festival experience. With an attendance of only 3,500 people, there’s no traffic, long-lines, or crowded views to send you into a stress vortex. You won’t find a VIP lounge here and the boundaries between guests, staff, and musicians are often blurred, as everyone mingles and experiences the weekend together, on the same wavelength. Biking to the event is also highly encouraged and the festival will even haul your gear for you so you can enjoy the ride and take in the beautiful nature all around you.

Envision Festival

Envision Festival 2015 Luke The People Of Envision   092

Photo by: Luke GS

Envision is the one of those special festivals where you go to escape your thoughts (and, if you're from the U.S., escape the entire country), ignite your soul, and let all of your anxieties wash away into the ocean. The exotic and tropical locale creates a sense of adventure, while also making you feel right at home amongst fellow festies. The sounds of the jungle become music to your ears and the cool sand upon your feet will put you into a blissful state of relaxation. As you sway away in your hammock, sucking on fresh fruit, you might imagine yourself never leaving. We'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not to stay.

Arise Music Festival

Arise Lani Michelle Photography Yoga

Arise is a wonderful festival held in Loveland, Colorado, that is surrounded by sweeping vistas, meadows, and blue skies. Just a short drive from Boulder and Fort Collins, the event draws a number of Colorado locals, as well as visitors from all over, for a weekend of letting loose and letting go. The festival encourages participants to “entertain and be entertained, be inspired, explore their creative potentials, connect with nature, stretch out, dive in, and dance.” Just what the doctor ordered.


Wakarusa 2015 Stephen Ironside   29

Photo by: Stephen Ironside

Although a fairly large music festival, Wakarusa has maintained the fun and chill vibe which which it started out. Located in the breathtaking Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, it feels like one giant outdoor playground for adults, where time seems to slow down. Wake up and take a short day hike through the wooded trails until you stumble upon the nearby waterfall and swimming hole oasis. One highlight is catching the thick morning fog that hovers the mountains during sunrise each morning and seems to silence everything around you, including your mind.


Wanderlust 2013 Ali Kaukas   40

Photo by: Ali Kaukas

Come find your true north at any of the amazing Wanderlust events held in the most beautiful natural locations around the United States (and recently in other countries around the world as well). Whether you are a yogi master or just discovering your inner Chakras, Wanderlust provides a powerful communal experience for all types. The event hosts some of the top yogis, spiritual leaders, meditation instructors, artisans and chefs from around the world for a sweat-filled weekend of mindful living, laughing and loving. Namaste.

Blackpot Festival

Located way down in Louisiana, in the heart of Acadiana, there exists a special festival called Blackpot. It gets its name from the plethora of amazing creole fare that gets cooked up by locals in old cast iron pots. The music is heavily rooted in Acadian traditions, as is almost everything else at the festival. String bands play under an old barn while guests two-step and dance the night away. Back at the campsites, the neighborly jam sessions continue through the night, while laughs, music, and the smell of fresh gumbo fill the air. You literally feel like you’ve been transported back in time – a better time, when life was simple and daily distractions were few. It’s a unique festival experience and a great alternative to anyone looking to escape the noise of the modern world.

Burning Man

Burning Man 2014 Galen Oaks   21

Photo by: Galen Oakes

Even with its massive growth in attendance and popularity over the years, Burning Man still remains one of the most unique and isolated festivals in the U.S. Many folks make the pilgrimage out to the desert each year to detach from their daily routine and escape to a place where community and social interaction are the essence of its existence. You can leave the iPad at home – the only thing you need to bring to Burning Man is an open mind and open arms.