8 Sets to Catch by the Women of Woogie Weekend

Article by: Graham Berry|@Festival_Writer

Thu July 07, 2016 | 00:00 AM

This year at Woogie Weekend you’ll get the opportunity to experience music from all over the world. On the lineup, you can find fresh talent from some of the greatest minds in house and techno. From long standing staples of the industry to the up and comers you ought to know, you’ll find some of the foremost experiments and icons set to bring those impeccable house party vibes. Across the music industry, male DJs tend to get more gigs and exposure than the (often better) ladies in their weight class, so to highlight some of the phenomenal females flashmobbin’ the house music scene here are eight of the greats you can find gracing stages at Woogie Weekend 2016.

While both lovely and tremendously talented, what really sets these ladies apart is their finely tuned skills earned through countless hours of refining sounds and tweaking effects. These women also bring with them the ability to tee up one track that delivers downtempo feels only to follow up with another that sends limbs flailing across the dance floor. Interested in the what’s on the way? Take a moment, sit back and bask in the sounds that make these women the dance-inducing powerhouses that they are.


The Montreal-based air guitar champs Blond:ish started in 2008 by Anstascia D’elene and Vivie Ann Bakos. The duo quickly won over the media and the underground with a distinct sound they’ve labeled "Romantic Chaos." Now hailing from London, their stop in Silverado will be one of three on the entire thirteen-stop, two-month tour through America. If you’re interested in something outrageously dark with a fun-loving bravura, you won’t want to miss the incredible showmanship of Blond:ish.

Dena Amy

The Aussie-based DJ, producer and singer DJ Dena Amy has an arsenal of weapons that make her a force to be reckoned with on any stage, including our Do LaB stage at Coachella 2016. In addition to her DJ skills she is a talented dancer and vocalist, which adds to her already robust and beautiful sound at the turntables. Her voice is such a powerful addition to her performances that Rüfüs Du Sol asked her to slay some stages by singing on his recent tour, which she did with passionate voracity.

Eli & Fur

Since 2013 Eli & Fur have blended enchanting vocals and grooving dance music that's quickly spread across continents. They’ve garnered media attention performing with a number of high profile DJs. In fact, the roster of co-stars include Maceo Plex, Hot Since Kölsch and Seth Troxler. They’ve also woo’ed crowds at Leeds Festival, Bestival and Glastonbury . Their recent self-made documentary chronicles the misadventures and routine wit shared between the duo along a recent 13-city tour. The entire story was filmed on Go Pros and is said to be a divine tale of “California Love.”

Lauren Ritter

With a keen ear and a sassy, synthy flair, Lauren Ritter is from New York but picked up her love of electronica, techno and house music in Berlin. Groomed for greatness by the likes of Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge, Ritter has been a rising star in the global house scene, dreaming of mixing since she ditched the viola (which she had been playing since the age of 8) to express herself with software instead. Now with ReSolute and All Day I Dream, the young starlet has joined two promising powerhouse crews with distinct sounds and a wealth of charm.


For a more playful sort of sound, check out the euphemistically named, LiquorBox, and prepare for a journey through time. LiquorBox comes stocked with an eclectic style and knack for blending those loved-but-not-forgotten hits from the greats of hip-hop, rock and electronica with sumptuous house party vibes. While LiquorBox is certainly one of our lesser known acts right now, we don’t expect that it’ll remain that way for long.

Öona Dahl

Also from the All Day I Dream Berlin Summer Series, Öona Dahl (like Lauren Ritter) brings a signature sound with her that undulates and weaves in a fashion all its own. The technique-turned-genre known by some as "Slumber" or "Liquid Air Dream," is often demonstrated by Öona Dahl with trippy effects and guiding rhythms that have propelled her to the forefront of the psychedelic house scene.

Shawni Music

Fresh off our Lightning Stage at Lightning in a Bottle and our Big Fish stage at Coachella , Shawni has quickly become a house fan favorite for her charismatic style and smooth downtempos. In addition to being a mainstay at our events Shawni offers nostalgic rhythms, surreal beats and refreshing yoga workshops (held on Friday at 7 pm) that all seem inform her mind-bending prowess behind the decks.

Tara Brooks

Dark house, deep techno roots and uplifting grooves are the score to Tara Brooks's life. She takes stages pushing steps around the dance floor with rich, textured bass and an ethereal soul. The Los Angeles-based producer creates hypnotic and entrancing sets that sound as appropriate kicking off the night as they do winding it all down at 4 am. Her steady tempos and space aged sounds blend together to make a sublime experience that has made her beloved at events like Desert Hearts , Subtract and Burning Man – just to name a few.

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