Envision's 2016 Aftermovie Makes Our Hearts Ache for Warm Festival Days

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Wed October 19, 2016 | 00:00 AM

As the Northern Hemisphere's weather fades slowly from early autumn into winter, we'll undoubtedly find our minds wandering back to those toasty, sun-kissed festival days of summer.

Certainly not helping the ache of nostalgia is Envision Festival's brand new aftermovie, which just dropped today. The fest takes place in the lush jungles and on the tropical beaches of Rancho La Merced, Costa Rica, where it's bathing suit weather always – and the video, shot by Media Stranger, definitely takes advantage of that natural beauty. But of course, Envision's strong emphasis on workshops, healing music, surfing, yoga, community activities, live art and art installations, and the power of its attendees also takes center stage in the video. And there's plenty of gorgeous footage of he coastline, wide-open skies, and those heart-piercing sunsets that Envision is so well known for.

Tickets for Envision 2017 are already on sale – get them while you can, because the festival has sold out for two years in a row. It's too beautiful and educational of an experience to miss. Will we see out you there?