Festival Set Spotlight: The BPM Festival 2016

Article by: Mia Quagliarello|@miaq

Fri February 12, 2016 | 00:00 AM

We know, we know: Life’s short. If you’re lucky, you go to a few festivals. Then you die.

That’s just not fair, especially when there are so many amazing experiences to be had, all around the world. And then: The Internet shows us everything we’re missing and it looks like so. much. fun. Oof. But we’ve decided to use this FOMO-inducing torture instrument for good. Each month, we’re going to hunt for the best sets from recent festivals – the ones that make us feel like we’re there even if we're really stuck in Drab City in the dead of winter.

Breathe deep, then, because today sunshine and festie air are heading your way courtesy of The BPM Festival , which has uploaded many sets from the 2016 event. If you’re unfamiliar with this paradise for beach and music lovers in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, BPM is January’s holy grail for underground techno, tech-house and deep house.

The Bpm Festival 2016 Galen Oakes   23

Photo by: Galen Oakes

“2016 was a monumental year with the release of some amazing new venues,” says BPM’s Director of Operations and Finance Alessandra Axelsson. “A highlight was the Ya’ah Muul events at the jungle venue, a mini-festival within the festival.”

Lydia Fong, who manages the festival’s PR activities, says these acts just killed it:

  • Apollonia's extended set from 8 pm-12 am for BPM Industry's pop-up party
  • Bob Moses's live performance at Paradise (night) and Rumors (beach vibes)
  • Solomun's Diynamic party in the Jungle (listen at Be-At TV here)
  • Soul Clap's performances of their new song, PillowTalk & Soul Clap "Love Train" ft. Greg Paulus & Crew Love
  • Nicole Moudaber's special beachfront sunset set during Sasha’s Last Night On Earth at Martina Beach Club (watch at Be-At TV here) and extended final set at the annual Official BPM Closing party
  • Hector's performance at his own Vatos Locos label launch
  • Danny Tenaglia's "Let’s Dance" Bowie tribute (watch at Be-At TV here)
  • Marco Carola's Music On a Blue Parrot night party that went straight into Music On day party at Martina Beach Club (listen to one of his sets at SoundCloud here)

There is more free music from BPM 2016 at Be-At TV as well as via the epic SoundCloud playlist of sets uploaded by participating DJs and compiled by the festival, which you can listen to below.

OK, so it’s not a full substitute for the joy of being there IRL, but hopefully not a bad second best. Tell us what sets you've loved from festivals near and far in the comments, and help us fuel our collective happy headphone dance.