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Photo By: Dan Krauss via Insomniac Events
Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Wed November 20, 2013 | 00:00 AM

Electric Daisy Carnival: 2014 Preview

It's true that the lights of Las Vegas are so bright, they can be seen from space. For three days in June when

Life is Beautiful Festival Mixtapes
by  Laura Mason
Music Discoveries
Envision preview
Envision 2014 Preview by Smash LeFunk
by  Laura Mason
Pura vida!
D a de los muertos 2013 san francisco mission art gimbel 05
Dia de los Muertos Portraits
by  Art Gimbel
Dead heads.
Rsz1lgstreetmusic01 2
New Orleans: Festival Capital of the World?
by  Adam Karlin
Who dat?
Pushkar 70viajar24h.comhttpflic.krprmawt
Old Dog, New(s) Tricks
by  Chip Conley
Festivals Catching Fire With Traditional Media
Pushkar camel fair 2013 zahid sardar 17
Pushkar Camel Fair
by  Laura Mason
Camels and horses and cows, oh my!
7 Favorite Festivals in Jalisco, Mexico
by  Laura Mason
Festivals, fiestas, and ferias take place every month somewhere in the western state of Jalisco in Mexico. Here are some of our favorites.
Burning man paul oakenfold
Burning Man Through Paul Oakenfold's Eyes
by  Laura Mason
Burning Man, Paul Oakenfold-style.
D a de los muertos 2013 san francisco mission art gimbel 03
DIY Festivals: The World In Your Backyard
by  Chip Conley
Create Your Own Festival At Home
Oktoberfest time lapse
Oktoberfest 2013 Time Lapse
by  Laura Mason
Halloween in San Francisco 2013 Photos
by  Art Gimbel
Playing dress-up, San Francisco style.
Halloween in Las Vegas 2013 Photos
by  Art Gimbel
Grim, grinning ghosts come out to socialize.
Emma crawford coffin races
Emma Crawford Coffin Races 2013
by  Laura Mason
A tisket, a tasket, racing with a casket.
Jidai Matsuri
by  Laura Mason
There are a lot of really old rites and customs in Japan. Things that date back centuries and...
Life is Beautiful 2013 Photos
by  Art Gimbel
A first-year festival earns its stripes.
I love bestival 2013 photographer credit victor frankowski
Post-Bestival Festival Blues
by  Laura Mason
Beat the post-Bestival blues.
Rszcoachella in this fleeting moment flickrcc
Halloween Costumes Inspired by Festivals
by  Laura Mason
Festive dress-up!
Albuquerque international balloon fiesta 2013 art gimbel 17
Life Afloat: An Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Story
by  Art Gimbel
More than just hot air.
Albuquerque international balloon fiesta 2013 art gimbel 11
Balloons Breaking Bad in Albuquerque
by  Chip Conley
Surprising Similarities: Balloon Fiesta & Burning Man
Dia de los muertos
Dia de los Muertos Makeup Tutorial
by  Art Gimbel
Sparkle, sugar skull, sparkle.
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2013 Photos
by  Art Gimbel
Up, up and away!
Ti hero
Treasure Island Music Festival 2013 Mixtape
by  Laura Mason
Music, Island Style
Running of the inflatable bulls
The Running of the Inflatable Bulls
by  Laura Mason
A Running of the Bulls event that PETA can get behind.
6 Buzz-Worthy Beer & Wine Festivals
by  Laura Mason
It's tipple time.