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Photo By: The Confluence
Article by: Chip Conley|@ChipConley

Tue July 09, 2013 | 00:00 AM

Secret Tips From A Festival Vagabond

Know your tempo. That’s one mantra that reminds this “man of Fest” that I often feel a little weary and wonderful simultaneously about this time of my trip. I’m doing five European festivals in ...

Theparkpulpglastonbury2011jaswoodukhttpflic.krp9y5dpj 3
The Joy of the Crowd
by  Alison Bing
We assume the joy of discovery is private, that it can't possibly be crowd-sourced. We are wrong.
Kirkpinar oil wrestling 2013 chip conley 21
Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling: Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?
by  Chip Conley
Turkey's honorable oil wrestling competition dates back 650+ years and brings men and boys to a modern battlefield.
Kirkpinar oil wrestling 2013 chip conley 08
Wife Carrying, Body Painting, or Oil Wrestling? Tough Choice!
by  Chip Conley
I returned to Turkey after last year's Whirling Dervish Festival to the World Oil Wrestling Championships.
Kirkpinar oil wrestling 2013 chip conley 30
Traditions Create Companions: Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling
by  Chip Conley
This experience has helped me underscore that being “culturally curious” also means being “culturally respectful” and not making assumptions.
Spoleto festival christopher john ssf
Spoleto: Perfect Location, But Where Are All The People?
by  Chip Conley
More balloons than attendees, Spoleto burst my expectation bubble for this once-thriving arts festival.
Il palio di siena chip conley 22
I Left My Heart in Siena: Lingering Thoughts on Il Palio
by  Chip Conley
For days to come, I bet I’ll be dreaming of flags, banners, or men in medieval uniform.
Il palio di siena chip conley 41
Il Palio: It Ain't Derby Day!
by  Chip Conley
The whole affair will be done in 90 seconds with a wild gallop around the course 3 times. Worth the price of a good seat!
Il palio di siena chip conley 36
Il Palio’s Piazza del Campo: The World’s Best Stage
by  Chip Conley
It feels like an epic Merchant Ivory film and I almost expected Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida to pop-up at any moment.
Il palio di siena chip conley 15
Siena Stirring: The Lovely Foreplay of Il Palio
by  Chip Conley
Siena’s neighborhood rivalries make the Montague’s and Capulet’s spat in Romeo & Juliet look like child’s play.
El colacho 2014 nick gammon 06
El Colacho Unmasked
by  Chip Conley
A young man tells his story.
Fes festival of world sacred music 2014 fes festival 38
Fes Festival of World Sacred Music: Why I Went
by  Chip Conley
Breaking down cultural barriers in Morocco
Fes festival of world sacred music 2014 fes festival 25
Fes: The People You'll Meet At The World Sacred Music Festival
by  Chip Conley
Around the world in a day
The Whirling Dervishes in Fes: Imagine My Surprise
by  Chip Conley
Magically transported back to Rumi
El colacho 2014 nick gammon 01
El Colacho: Life Without Gadgets
by  Chip Conley
Unplugged in the Tiny Village of Castrillo de Murcia
El colacho 2014 nick gammon 15
Burgos: The Unexpected Collateral Benefit of El Colacho
by  Chip Conley
A big surprise on the way to El Colacho is now on my Top 10 List of places
El colacho 2014 nick gammon 09
El Colacho: In Spain or Insane?
by  Chip Conley
Racing with the Devil in Gothic Spain
El colacho 2014 nick gammon 04
Soul Cleansing in the Streets: El Colacho Baby Jumping
by  Chip Conley
Babies don't sleep in Spain: They Count Colachos
Hero image temp
Cooper’s Hill Winners, Say “Cheese!”
by  Chip Conley
An American takes the cheese at this uproarious hometown event in Gloucester.
Hero image temp
The Soul of the Cheese Roll: Making New Friends
by  unknown author
Bumps, bruises and other connections as we all fall down Cooper's Hill.
Hero image temp
Scoping Out The Competition At The Cheese Roll
by  unknown author
Ninjas, Teddy Bears & Captain America climb to the top and tumble together for the cheese.
Hero image temp
“Will You Do The Cheese Roll?”: Trepidation Sets In!
by  unknown author
Hurdling Towards Gloucester's Annual Cheese Rolling Romp
Hero image temp
The Guilty Hotelier: My First Airbnb Experience
by  unknown author
No frills in London provides a different view
Bay to breakers art gimbel
Bay to Breakers: The Best Costumes of 2013
by  Art Gimbel
Sunshine, sharks, gnomes and nudes.
Bottlerock 2014 art gimbel  5 of 59
BottleRock Napa Festival in Review: A Solid Pour
by  Art Gimbel
Napa Valley's first major festival concludes with a glass half full