The ABCs of Wanderlust

Article by: Jacki Moon Horne

Fri July 06, 2018 | 13:30 PM

There's so much more to Wanderlust – that now globally famous yoga, wellness and music festival hybrid – than stretching and posing on a mat. Below, we highlight the many incredible offerings, activities, and experiences Wanderlust rolls out each year for its nirvana-seeking attendees.

Asana Practice

Wanderlust Snowshoe Melissa Gayle  (1)

Asana, perhaps the most well known form of yoga in The West, is the practice of physical postures. Wanderlust offers many asana classes for all levels of yoga practitioners. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or you’re just dabbling into the wonderful world of asana, there are definitely classes within your comfort level at the festival.

Breathtaking Natural Settings

Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017 Paige Shaw

All Wanderlust Festivals take place in gorgeous settings that are complete with natural picturesque backdrops. These views are guaranteed to make all attendees’ hearts fill with gratitude. Make sure to take in all the scenic beauty while at the festival.

Chef-Prepared Food

Wanderlust 2016 Courtesy Of 26
Photo by: Wanderlust

Chef-prepared, local and sustainable meals are part of Wanderlust’s offerings. These farm-to-table dishes are created to replenish the body after a long day of practicing yoga and exploring the natural wonders that surrounds the festival. Pro Tip: Wanderlust’s family-style dinners create a perfect environment for making new friends. Sit by someone new and strike up a conversation.

Dancing The Night Away

Wanderlust Festival 2016 Courtesy Of 1

In addition to physical activities during the day, Wanderlust has DJ sets and live music at night. These high-energy performances on both the main stage and at the silent disco keep bodies moving and grooving. What better way to celebrate being alive than dancing the night away?

Exploration and Excursion

Wanderlust 2016 Courtesy Of 11
Photo by: Wanderlust

Wanderlust creates an opportunity to take meditation beyond the mat and into the outdoors. From biking trail runs to peaceful mountaintop meditations, this unique festival has something to satisfy everyone’s inner explorer’s lust for nature.

Friendships That Last

Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley 2015 Ali Kaukas Friends

One of the many beautiful things about Wanderlust is that the festival is filled with like-minded people. This fosters an environment of genuine connection, which results in lifelong friendships.


Wanderlust 2016 Courtesy Of 11
Photo by: Wanderlust

Every moment of this festival creates an opportunity to feel grateful: gratitude for being alive, gratitude for being in attendance and gratitude to be experiencing some incredibly precious moments.

Holistic Health

Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley 2015 Ali Kaukas Namaste

Another one of Wanderlust’s offerings is an intimate and informal lecture series, which incorporates many topics on holistic health. Learn something new about the subject by attending one of these lectures from the conscious community.

Instructors Who Care

Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017 Paige Shaw

The yoga instructors who attend Wanderlust are world-class teachers from around the globe. Have an instructor show you a new pose, or allow one to guide you through a meaningful meditation. Either way, you are in great hands.

Joyful Hearts

Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017 Melissa Gayle

Joy is contagious. That pure joy is evident when looking around a Wanderlust Festival, full of happy hearts and giant smiles. It must be all the heart-opening poses and farm-to-table meals!


Wanderlust 2016 Courtesy Of 11
Photo by: Wanderlust

One magic thing about being human is that we are always learning, and there is plenty to learn at Wanderlust. Whether it be knowledge of yoga tradition, asana poses, or environmental action, this festival offers an open learning environment through classes, lectures and experiences to continue expanding the mind.

Live Music

Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017 Melissa Gayle

The 2018 Wanderlust lineup at its flagship in Squaw Valley includes an eclectic list of DJs and live musicians, including funk band Orgone, modern blues singer Xavier Rudd, and sound pioneer DJ Drez. Soak up the diversity of sound, and move your body whatever which way it desires.


Photo By Ali Kaukas For Wanderlust Festival
Photo by: Ali Kaukas

Chances to meditate are offered both on and off the mat. Whether your style is a guided shavasana or a personal mountaintop meditation, there are plenty of opportunities to find that sweet spot of peacefulness and reflection.

New Ideas

Wanderlust 2013 Ali Kaukas   33
Photo by: Ali Kaukas

Be inspired at Wanderlust. Attend lectures, strike up thought-provoking conversations with fellow yogis, and explore ideas during the duration of the festival.

Out of Your Comfort Zone

Wanderlust 2016 Courtesy Of 11
Photo by: Wanderlust

While there are classes for all levels and styles of yoga practitioners, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you normally gravitate toward strong and sweaty asana, try a yin class. Mix it up and thank yourself later.

Practicing Mindfulness

Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley 2015 Ali Kaukas Nature

The act of practicing mindfulness comes in many different forms. Mindfulness activities are the entire intention that Wanderlust is built around, so remember that during your experience. Stay present in every activity you pick during this choose-your-own adventure style of festival.

Quiet Time

Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley 2015 Ali Kaukas Meditation

Meditation and internalization allows us to be quiet enough to listen to our own inner voice. Embrace the quiet time and learn from it.

Relaxing Yin Classes

Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley 2015 Ali Kaukas Yoga Pose 2

If you are nursing an injury or if sweaty asana is not for you, fear not! Wanderlust offers many relaxing yin classes to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

Speakeasy Talks

Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley 2015 Ali Kaukas Together Crowd

This laid-back lecture series provides attendees with the opportunity to learn a plethora of new things. The topics discussed by keynote speakers are environmental change, holistic health, internal transformation and everything in between. Nourish your mind along with your body and soul.


Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017 Melissa Gayle

The transformation of Wanderlust starts from the inside and works its way outward. Open your heart and mind and watch the magic happen in your asana practice and daily life.


Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017 Paige Shaw

The word “yoga” is derived from “union,” so it comes as no surprise that a yoga festival would foster an environment of connection. Unite your mind, body and spirit, and unite with other amazing human beings in this space.


Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley 2015 Ali Kaukas Paddleboard Yoga 2

Choose your own adventure and choose your own vinyasa style. If you want a traditional classroom flow, you’ve got it. If you want to flow through a vinyasa on a stand-up paddleboard, that is also in the cards at Wanderlust!

Wandering – Externally and Internally

Wanderlust Whistler 2016 Kylie Turley  (1)

The outdoor excursions of trail-runs, bicycling and hiking allow for plenty of external wandering. However, half the magic is created within the internal wandering of meditations and pushing past one’s own comfort zone. Explore your own consciousness and learn something new about yourself.

X-emplary Balance

Wanderlust 2016 Courtesy Of 26
Photo by: Wanderlust

Balance in both the literal and metaphorical sense are both offered at Wanderlust. Balance in the physical sense can be found through asana practice by working on new balancing poses, and in the metaphorical sense through daytime mindfulness activities, and then after-dark dance parties.

Your True North

Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017 Paige Shaw

There’s a reason why Wanderlust’s tagline is “Find Your True North.” This festival truly believes in finding the height of one’s own happiness and potential in life. The folks behind Wanderlust live their truth in the belief that finding your True North is achieved through the personal practice of mindful and focused activity to maintain calm, focus and clarity. It’s evident in the events they create, and in the space these events hold for everyone in attendance.

Zest For Life

Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley 2015 Ali Kaukas Dance Yoga

After a weekend of practicing mindfulness, dancing the night away and meeting new friends in a scenic location, I guarantee that you are going to go home with a rejuvenated zest for living. Make sure to share that feeling with everyone back in day-to-day life.

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