Time to Get Naked

Article by: Chip Conley|@ChipConley

Fri September 28, 2012 | 00:00 AM

There are all kinds of experiences that allow one to get naked or nearly-naked at Black Rock City. There’s the Naked Bar, Manplay at the Down Low Club, and the Critical Tits bike ride. I love the Steam Baths in Nectar Village (the theme camp most dedicated to the healing arts) as, given how arid the desert is and how rare it is for some Burners to get a real shower, standing naked in line with dozens of others to experience this lovely, make-shift steam room is quite a pleasure.

But, my highlight each of the past three times I’ve been to Burning Man has been an afternoon trip to the Fly Ranch geysers and hot springs less than ten miles from Black Rock City. With a pond half an acre large full of 102 degree mineral water and volcanic mud, this is such a treat for one’s skin and psyche after the dust, sun, and wind that pervade the Playa each afternoon. My good friend, Ping (the CEO of a big tech company), takes a photo of me while I’m baking the mud in the 100 degree heat, while our friend Andrew takes a picture of her.

The good news is that Fly Ranch may open up in the next year or two so that it is more accessible to the public. Keep an eye on the Burning Man website for news of this as it’s one of the most sublime and decadent experiences you can treat yourself to during your time in the high desert.