Your Festival Experience As Told by 90s Cartoon GIFs

Article by: Maddie Rish|@maddie_rish

Thu January 11, 2018 | 08:10 AM

After a glorious festival weekend, it's common to find ourselves searching for ways to keep those festival memories alive. And let's be real, there's nothing like a good ole GIF to communicate those unspoken but all-too-real festival moments to which only true festies can relate. We decided to sift through our favorite childhood TV shows (shoutout to the Muppets in the image above whose band Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem played Outside Lands last year) to bring your most relatable and hilarious festival moments to life.

When you’re road tripping to the festival and the jam comes on. 

After you arrive, you realize your two favorite artists have the same set time. 

And 30 minutes later things start getting very real for whole the crew.  

And you’re trying to be a speaker creature but the bass is too much. 

But then your friend pulls you back into the crowd and hands you the fractal glasses. 

The EDM bros behind you are cramping your style. 

But you’re like “Word, it’s okay. My crew is tight.”  

A few hours pass and the squad realizes your favorite headliner starts in five minutes on the opposite side of the festival.

But you make it just in time to find a group of shufflers, and you feel like you’re killing it. 

And then you finally find your rhythm and your squad is mega supportive.

Your friend suggests you stick together and you’re like... 

When your fest mom leaves for five minutes and all hell breaks loose. 

When 2 am rolls around and you all realize you haven’t eaten all day.  

And by 4 am and your friend is on one and starts rambling about how great you are.  

When you thought sleep was an option but your neighbors are like "LOL nah."  

But the next morning you finally find that one free hammock.  

And meanwhile your homie is putting in a valiant effort to be human.  

When the weekend's over, you’re finally back home, feeling revived, and then the reminiscing begins...