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Everfest Festival Photography Program Terms

Welcome to Everfest! We’re thrilled to have you as a photographer (“Photographer”). Please take a moment to go over these Terms, they describe your rights and responsibilities as an independent contractor. We seek photographers who can provide outstanding, high quality imagery. If we love your photos, we’d like to continue working with you as we document the world’s festivals. By accepting these Terms, you agree to provide the following:

  1. Engagement of Services Photographer agrees to take photographs of festival-goers, action shots, live performances and professionally document all aspects of festival experience for the agreed upon festival. Photographer will provide a minimum of 50 high resolution photos of the festival. Photographer will edit photos prior to delivery and submit them one week after festival end date in high resolution format via transfer link (e.g. DropBox, Google drive, etc). Referencing the Everfest festival page, Photographer will publish several festival photos on an independent site they are affiliated with or control (e.g. travel or photography blogs, university site, etc). Photographer will post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tagging Everfest.
  2. Compensation Photographer is not entitled to compensation under this agreement. Everfest will attempt to obtain and provide a complimentary Press/Photography Pass (“Pass”) for access to the festival. Everfest cannot guarantee a Pass will be issued. The failure of Everfest to provide a Pass does not affect any of the parties’ rights and obligations under these Terms.
  3. The Nature of these Terms Photographer is an independent contractor of Everfest, meaning that he or she is not entitled to any Everfest employee benefits. The Photographer agrees to provide all their own equipment to complete the assignment (camera, chargers, etc).
  4. Ownership As between Photographer and Everfest, Photographer owns all photos. Everfest has the right to use such photos in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Everfest shall have the right but not the obligation to publish the photos. Photographer represents and warrants that Photographer has all rights necessary to grant the licenses under this Agreement.