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Comuna Bisoca, jud. Buzău, Montii Carpati|Bisoca, România, Bisoca, Romania | Map

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From the Organizer

                                                                                                                                   "A GATE INTO DIFFERENT REALITY"                                                                                                                          Deeply rooted in the alternative and independent culture, your thrilling annual celebration is taking you to a truly magical and mystic dimension, where purity meets astonishing wild nature.                                                                                                                Originally from Moldova, the dream has come true, the crew will hold 2020's edition for the very first time ever abroad, in the gorgeous Carpathian Mountains of Romania, full of crystal-clear rivers and virgin forests.                No panic, we want the atmosphere to be as relaxed throughout your outstanding experience as during your journey to heaven, there will be organized transportation from Bucharest and Chișinău.                                Every single year, wonderful staff from around the world spend months doing its best to make it possible, Art installations combining worldwide ethnic traditions.                                                                                                                                                                                                          The essence of the Festival is pretty much like stepping back in History for some kind of "realness", as humble as sleeping in tents, drinking water from spring, eating absolutely tasty vegan/vegetarian food cooked on campfires. And it's a necessary call for raising environmental awareness, acting consciously by leaving this stunning untouched land cleaner than before. Amazed and sharing only positive vibes, you'll witness an abundant spectacle with not less than a hundred masterclasses, workshops, acrobatics, body painting, dance, fire shows, handicraft expositions, knights, land-art, performances, screenings, theatrical plays, various local, international musicians and many more.                                                                                                                Therefore, as it's free donation based admission, this wouldn't be imaginable without your kind support, especially before your non-commercial event: check "Official Ticket Site", our platforms, share it and spread the word.                                                                                                                          Peace,                                                                                                                Art-Labyrinth community.