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Wed April 29, 2020 | 12:00 PM

How Festivals and Vendors Can Benefit from the CARES Act

What is the Paycheck Protection Program? The Paycheck Protection Program, one of the largest financial stimulus portions of the CARES Act, is the most important provis...

Desert hearts 2018 galen oakes    1 of 30 (1) copy
The Festival Goer's Gift Guide
by  Casey Berg
Shop for the festie(s) in your life with Everfest!
Mountain mcdowell music festival 2016 zachary radel band 22
How to Save on Your Favorite Festivals
by  Casey Berg
Save big on amazing festivals through the New Year!
Electric forest 2018 courtesy of 15
6 Reasons Why Festival Squads Are Awesome
by  Evan Sakrison
Round up your squad!
Trf hero steven david photography
Texas Renaissance Festival Offers 9 Themed Weekends of Royal Fun
by  Evan Sakrison
The festival's eclectic personality comes to life in 9 themed weekends.
Hero the village halloween parade freeverse photography new york city village halloween parade 2011 httpflic.krpaal7fg version 2
The World's Best Halloween Festivals
by  Karla Zimmerman
Where to go and what to see for the spookiest of holidays.
Danny north   mk   snowbombing2017
How to Save On Your Favorite Festivals in November
by  Casey Berg
Kick off the holiday season by saving big bucks at your favorite festivals this November.
Electric daisy carnival 2018 alive coverage 3
7 Ways to Expand Your Horizons in the Festival World
by  Evan Sakrison
Challenge yourself and have an absolute blast!
Lightning in a bottle 2015 conner coughenour 04
Survival Tips for Transformational Festival Newbies
by  Laura Mason
What I learned at Lightning In a Bottle, my very first transformational festival.
Amsterdam dance event 2017 courtesy of 3
The Do’s and Don'ts of Dance Floor Etiquette
by  Graham Berry
Mind your manners on the dance floor.
Nnmf kristina bakrevski butterfly
How to Create an Alter Ego for Festivals
by  Graham Berry
Alter egos make festivals--and life--more fun!
Wanderlust festival squaw valley 2015 christen vidanovic owl mask
Festival All-Star: The Festive Owl
by  Graham Berry
Joshua tree music festival 2017 jacob avanzato 09797
How to Save on Your Favorite Festivals in October
by  Casey Berg
Save big bucks this October.
Austin city limits festival 2017 greg noire    3 of 5
An Insiders' Guide to Austin: ACL Festival Edition
by  Evan Sakrison
Things to do in Austin, Texas, while you're in town for ACL.
Panorama 2016  courtesy of crowd shot
8 Festivals to Attend Now That the Summer Festival Season Is Over
by  Evan Sakrison
Well, basically over.
Sziget 2014 csudai sándor   05
6 Ways to Recover From an Amazing, Yet Exhausting Festival Experience
by  Evan Sakrison
Festivals will test your physical, mental and emotional limits.
Firefly music festival 2018 alive coverage    1 of 19 (11)
How to Save on Your Favorite Festivals in September
by  Casey Berg
Fest for less at all kinds of festivals in September.
The real burning man   photo by scott london
The Real Burning Man
by  Graham Berry
Forget everything you think you know about Burning Man.
Participation header   photo by marvin delfin cabrera
No Spectators: A Guide to Participation at Burning Man
by  Graham Berry
So you think you’re ready for Burning Man?
Burningman 2014 art gimbel 11
An Emotional Survival Guide to Burning Man
by  Chip Conley
Be open. Be intimate. Be human.
Bellwether festival 2018 mgmt courtesy of the band
23 Photo of Rock Fans Raging at ACL
by  Laura Mason
Sasquatch 2018 matte hanna 12
5 Ways to Keep Your (or your Friends') Mental Health in Check This Festival Season
by  Evan Sakrison
Because our inner demons can travel with us wherever we go.
Center camp   photo by susan becker
There's A Camp For That: 18 Truly Useful Burning Man Camps
by  Graham Berry
Whether you broke a bike or just need bacon, the playa has you covered.
Random acts of kindness chris hong hero
9 Random Acts of Kindness You'll See at Festivals
by  Graham Berry
There's a lot of extra love to go around when people are happy and free.
Dry diggings festival 2018 courtesy of
Dry Diggings Festival's Year Four Lineup Boasts Rebelution, Stephen Marley, and More
by  Laura Mason
Head up to Gold Country for world-class roots and reggae music.