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Photo By: Cremerica, Inc. Photography
Article by: Marcus Barnes|@mgoldenbarnes

Mon June 11, 2018 | 07:00 AM

7 Reasons Why Festival Romances Can Go The Distance

Love is a funny thing that sometimes presents itself to us in the strangest of places. A rain-sodden field, or an arid desert full of art cars and LE...

Coachella 2016 jeremiah garcia carpool
Planning The Great American Festival Road Trip In 7 Easy Steps
by  Laura Braun
Make the journey there just as memorable.
Symbiosis 2015 galen oakes   42 of 50
23 of the Best (and Silliest) Festival Gadgets Out There
by  Marcus Barnes
Yes, there is such thing as a unicorn emoji powerbank.
Northern nights music festival 2017 jms photography jacob smith    3 of 3
Northern Nights Unveils a Glorious Phase 1 Lineup for 2018
by  Laura Mason
Are you ready for our favorite riverside festival?
Electric daisy carnival 2014 official curious josh for insomniac 3
9 Tips for a Stress-Free Festival Entrance
by  The Festival Lawyer
Bonnaroo 2017 brittany no fomo 17
The ABCs of Bonnaroo
by  Laura Mason & Emily Ward
Never not dreaming about The Farm.
Meadows in the mountains 2017 aron klein    3 of 3
This Festival Brings Love and Support to Elders in Bulgaria
by  Marcus Barnes
What Meadows in the Mountains can teach us about community.
Clusterfest 2018 courtesy of    1 of 47 (42)
6 Things That Made Us Laugh (and Cry) at Clusterfest 2018
by  Mia Quagliarello
A rundown of the comedy-music fest's second year.
Bonnaroo 2017 brittany no fomo 18
Stream Bonnaroo 2018 Live From Your Couch
by  Laura Mason
Should we start calling it "Coucharoo"?
Voodoo experience 2017 linka odom 42
Voodoo Unveils Its 20th Anniversary Lineup
by  Laura Mason
Spending Halloween in NOLA is a no-brainer.
Clusterfest 2018 courtesy of    1 of 47 (23)
28 Scenes of Smiles and Sizzling Sets from Comedy Central's Clusterfest
by  Laura Mason
Comedy + good music + incredible food = a very happy San Francisco.
Bonnaroo 2015 marco sanchez   12
My First Festival: Rick Farman, Co-Founder of Bonnaroo
by  Evan Levy
Find out which influential festivals inspired the creation of Bonnaroo.
Bonnaroo 2017 brittany no fomo 6
10 Tips to Keep Yourself Out of Trouble at Bonnaroo
by  The Festival Lawyer
File these under "Farm Essentials."
Governors ball 2018 rohofoto 31
Governors Ball 2018 Rocked Randall's Island Park
by  emily ward
Now in its seventh year, the NYC megafest keeps getting better.
Bonnaroo 2016 adrian spinelli   18
8 Performances That Define the Bonnaroo SuperJam
by  Emily Ward
How music's most epic jam came to be.
Firefly music festival 2017 alive coverage    7 of 25
A Festival Sound Technician Breaks Down Your Earplug Options
by  Michael Mooneyham
This is GUARANTEED to make you re-think your stance on ear protection.
Lightning in a bottle 2016 juliana bernstein   105
Our Favorite Festival Carry-Alls
by  Tessla Venus Goodwin
So you never have to leave your essentials at camp.
Wanderlust festival squaw valley 2015 ali kaukas slackline
What Every Festival on Earth Can Learn from Wanderlust
by  Jacki Moon Horne
The sustainability efforts of Wanderlust deserve international recognition.
Secret garden party 2015 danny north 1
How to Survive a Festival If You’re Sober
by  Marcus Barnes
It's easier than you think.
Copy of bonnaroo2015 jorgphoto 01041
Why Bonnaroo Has the Best Vibe of Any Mainstream Music Festival
by  Eamon Armstrong
It's all about the Bonnaroovians!
Sonic bloom 2017   08
How to Save on Your Favorite Festivals in June
by  Casey Berg
Head to your favorite fests without breaking the bank.
Sasquatch 2018 matte hanna 35
Music Lovers of Sasquatch! 2018
by  Matte Hanna
Snaps of those who reveled in Sasquatch's glory over Memorial Day Weekend.
Lightning in a bottle 2018 jessica bernstein photo    1 of 6 (4)
Overheard at Lightning in a Bottle 2018
by  Casey Berg
“This is like a sand escalator..."
Lightning in a bottle 2018 casey berg 4 lana
Meet The Adorable Kids of Lightning in a Bottle 2018
by  Casey Berg
Seven fun-loving kiddos on what LIB was like for them.
Lightning in a bottle 2018 jessica bernstein photo    1 of 6 (1)
The Many Moods of Lightning in a Bottle
by  Lexie Kieu
No matter what head space you're in, this festival is on your wavelength.