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Downtown Woodland California|Main St & 2nd St, Woodland, CA | Map

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The California Honey Festival’s mission is to promote honey, honey bees and their products, and beekeeping through this unique educational platform, to the broader public. We promote honey products and educate about bees and other pollinators' crucial role in our ecosystem and economy. We strive to create an event experience that inspires people of all ages to protect and celebrate bees and other pollinators. A celebration of honey, bees, beekeeping, agriculture, mother nature, local farms, growers and locally sourced products to the broader public. Attendees will also learn about the myriad of issues that confront honey bees including pesticide use, diseases and even the weather! In addition, attendees can learn how to creatively plant their gardens to help feed all of our pollinators. It is important for the community to appreciate and understand the importance of bees as the lead pollinator of many of our crops adding to the food diversity we have come to enjoy.