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Along Flagler Drive ( Fern to Datura)|S Flager Dr & Datura St, West Palm Beach, FL | Map

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Description: Embark on an enlightening journey of knowledge and discovery at the 10th Annual LagoonFest! Set against the stunning backdrop of the Flagler Drive waterfront in West Palm Beach, this remarkable event, taking place on November 4, 2023, is a captivating celebration dedicated to honoring the awe-inspiring Lake Worth Lagoon. Prepare yourself for an educational extravaganza as we delve into the secrets of one of The Palm Beaches' most scenic 20-mile waterways and estuaries. From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., prepare to be immersed in a day brimming with engaging experiences and enriching exploration. Stroll along Flagler Drive, stretching from Datura to Fern in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach, and prepare to be captivated by a series of compelling wildlife presentations. Marvel at the wonders of nature as experts unravel the mysteries of the local ecosystem, offering fascinating insights into the diverse flora and fauna that call the lagoon home. Take a moment to admire the USCG Auxiliary Boats, where you can gain a deeper understanding of the vital role they play in safeguarding the waters. Expand your knowledge as you witness firsthand the dedication and expertise of these remarkable vessels and their crews. But the learning doesn't stop there! Engage in a variety of free water activities designed to deepen your connection with the lagoon. Embark on the Aqua Adventures Boat Tour of the Lagoon and witness the interplay of land, water, and wildlife. Join the Kayak clean-up effort and learn about the importance of preserving the lagoon's pristine condition. Or opt for the Catamaran Cruises and gain insights into the principles of sailing and navigation. Make sure to carve out time to visit our interactive exhibitor booths, where a wealth of knowledge awaits. Engage with experts in environmental conservation, sustainability, and scientific research as they showcase innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. Take away invaluable lessons and practical tips that you can apply in your own life to protect and preserve our precious natural resources. Don't forget to bring your little ones along, as LagoonFest offers a plethora of free children's activities that are both fun and educational. From interactive displays to hands-on experiments, your children will have the opportunity to learn about the wonders of the lagoon in a playful and engaging environment.