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Burlesque & Cabaret Festivals 2024 - 2025 Calendar


Burlesque & Cabaret Festivals

When it’s time for a little tease, you might want to check your local listings for a burlesque or cabaret festival nearby. But to be clear, burlesque is much more than a striptease. Crack open the pages of (or just look at the website) the good ol’ Merriam-Webster dictionary to the Bs and find out that “burlesque” also means parody—it can be a form of storytelling that pokes fun at pieces of the world. It’s also a form of entertainment, according to Merriam-Webster, that sometimes includes women removing their clothes. And the art form remains popular. Just check out the number of burlesque festivals in the United States, from the New Orleans Burlesque Festival to the New York Burlesque Festival. And fringe festivals take place all over the world, from Edinburgh, United Kingdom, to San Francisco. So go on and keep it classy with some cabaret.