13 SoundCloud Channels to Follow If You Love Dance Music Festivals

Article by: Mia Quagliarello|@miaq

Tue January 17, 2017 | 00:00 AM

Festival fans are so lucky these days. ‘Course there’s nothing like Being There, but short of that, there are many ways to turn on, tune in and check out the scenes and sets from cherished events. SoundCloud can be a festival fanatic’s best buddy, as many organizers have channels that compile anticipatory playlists and sets from the talent that graced their stages. Here are some SoundCloud channels you’ve just got to follow—they’re prolific, generous, and they’ve got great taste.

Dimensions Festival

Dimensions Festival 2016 Dan Medhurst   Kamasi Wahington

Boasting an awe inspiring location and big and bashy sound systems to match, electronica aficionados with a lust for beach stomping have been heading to Dimensions in Fort Punta Christo since 2012. The fest's prolific SoundCloud, which is rife with live mixes and playlists featuring the world's hippest turntable maestros, illustrates why it's one of Croatia's finest events.

Dirtybird Records

Dirtybird Campout 2015 Julianna Bernstein   4

A label showcase and a window onto events like the Dirtybird BBQs and the upcoming Campout, this SoundCloud channel is a full-on bassline bonanza. Find the “Road to Campout” mixes to whet (and wet!) yer canoe for the annual October shindig in SoCal.

Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden Party 2014 Sgp

The UK's Secret Garden Party is one of our favorite fancy dress parties that always matches its music to its colorful mood. While the festival itself doesn't have a SoundCloud, its icon and founder The Head Gardener has an amazing sonic world to offer his thousands of fans. A reflection of the festival's annual and eclectic lineup of electronic superstars, his regularly released mixes coalesce SGP's attendees into a  year-round community stoked for the upcoming event.

The Do Lab

Woogie Weekend 2016 Tony Edwards 1

Woogie Weekend. Photo by: Tony Edwards

The producers of festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Woogie Weekend and the Dirtybird Campout electrify their SoundCloud presence with live sets galore. Press play to be transported to any one of their rad California events—and beyond.

Noisily Festival

Noisily 2015 Noisily   01

Photo by: Noisily Festival

Wanna see what you missed at the intimate "back-to-nature" rave known as Noisily 2016? There’s a 17-hour catch-up, as well as various re-posts and podcasts, on its SoundCloud channel. The English festival returns to the rolling hills of Leicestershire July 6-9, 2017.

Further Future

Further Future 2016 Tomas Loewy 17 Crowds

Photo by: Tomas Loewy

A spinoff of Burning Man’s Robot Heart art car and camp, Further Future puts up a steady drip of exclusive and mini-mixes that generally stay true to their tech-house roots.


Dgtl Festival 2015 Courtesy Of Festival Dj Crowd

Photo by: DGTL Festival

Popular Dutch festival DGTL prays at the altar of “music, art and revolution.” Reflecting “delightfully risky” lineups of DJs known and rising, DGTL’s SoundCloud channel captures sold-out events in Amsterdam and Barcelona, as well as podcasts with featured talent.

Mad Decent

Mad Decent Block Party 2014 Courtesy Of Mad Decent Block Party   11

Photo by: Mad Decent

With 749 uploads, the Mad Decent SoundCloud channel is another prolific—and terrific—label showcase. Get schooled here before attending the bumpin’ Block Parties across the U.S. (Next stops: Chandler, Arizona, then L.A.)

Symbiosis Gathering

Symbiosis Gathering 2016 Galen Oakes   61 Of 96

Photo by: Galen Oakes

The festival that’s the West Coast's beloved season-ender hasn’t uploaded many tracks but the ones there matter: yearly lineup mixes for bassheads and techno/house kids. All the better to get you revved up for next year.

Northern Nights Music Festival

Northern Nights 2016 Vlad Desiatkin 1

Photo by: Vlad Desiatkin

Bringing the sounds of the Redwood forest festival to your ears, the Northern Nights SoundCloud re-shares tracks by some of electronica’s biggest artists (Zhu, Major Lazer, Autograf) as well as mixes from its own July event.


“Mu-” in Mutek refers to the idea of mutation, and since 2002 Montreal’s digital creativity and electronic music festival has done just that, sprouting editions in Mexico City, Barcelona and Tokyo, and continually exploring avant-garde programming. This SoundCloud has previews, Hall of Fame recordings, and dispatches from the Canadian showcase.

Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts Spring 2016 Galen Oakes   01

Photo by: Galen Oakes

A tribute to “house, techno and love,” Desert Hearts is a label as well as a series of festivals and one-off City Hearts events. Their 2016 “Live @ Desert Hearts” playlist is 77 tracks and 151 hours long! Now that’s a gift.

ARISE Music Festival

Arise Festival 2016 Eric Allen Photo 4

Photo by: Eric Allen Photo

The Colorado festival dedicated to music, yoga and co-creative camping goes heavy on the playlists, curating sets for stretching, dancing and just feelin’ good. Namaste.

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