5 Things To Look Forward To At Treasure Island Music Festival

Article by: Adrian Spinelli

Fri October 14, 2016 | 00:00 AM

A bastion of the Bay Area for 10 years, 2016's Treasure Island Music Festival (TIMF) will be the fest's final rendition on the island that lays smack in between Oakland and San Francisco. TIMF is the OG alternating stage festival, where you literally never have to miss a beat. When one of the two stages ends, the other begins, and this dance continues while 13 artists play each day of the two-day event. When you're at TIMF, it never ceases to feel like you're indeed on an island, and that the world outside of this floating fortress might as well not exist; it's a blissful state. For the fest's final voyage at this locale, there are some changes and some essential familiars. While a storm is set to circle past the Bay, we'll be armed with boots and a waterproof jacket, cause adventure is life. Here's what has us stoked for the weekend.

New Location On A Different Part of Treasure Island

Treasure Island Music Festival 2016   1

Photo by: TIMFSF 

For the past nine years, TIMF has taken place on the Great Lawn on the island's West side. But now, as high-powered and high-priced (think nine zeros) land developments loom, this year's festival is moving to a new site on the island's Eastern shore. The biggest difference here are the sight lines, where instead of looking out at San Francisco's skyline (highlighted by the Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower perched atop Telegraph Hill) we'll fix our gaze onto the Oakland side of the Bay shore, with the gorgeous new Bay Bridge hovering over the festival. The iconic Ferris wheel and the Silent Disco will spill over into a massive pier jutting out from the island, but more on that in a moment. 

Gerard’s Paella

Treasure Island Music Festival 2015 Paella

Photo by: Gerard's Paella

I love Gerard. I mean...I've never met him personally, but damnit does he make amazing paella! Gerard's Paella has become a yearly tradition for me and fairly synonymous with the TIMF experience. Both Gerard's signature seafood and chicken paella, as well as a vegetarian version, are cooked on-site in massive paella skillets. It's a sight to behold and a must-get food item at the fest....I mean, just look at that picture! I think Gerard and I would be really great friends. 

Tycho And Sylvan Esso Back-to-Back at The Golden Hour

 Treasure Island Music Festival Cc Markus Spiering

The most memorable sets at TIMF are always at sunset. There's nothing like seeing a favorite act in what is truly a Golden Hour on the Bay. Four Tet in 2010 stands as the most memorable in this time slot, as does Divine Fits in 2014 (pictured above.) Our favorite stretch of this year's lineup, has Tycho, on the heels of trippy new album Epoch,  taking us into Sunday's sunset before Sylvan Esso's bombast and vocal energy leads us into the night. Considering TIMF is on the opposite side of the island this year, the colors of the sky will be totally different from years past. Yes, please. 

The 60-Foot Century Ferris Wheel

Treasure Island Music Festival 2015 Justin Yee   22

Photo by: Justin Yee

If there's one visual staple at TIMF, it's the iconic Century Ferris Wheel that makes it's way to the island every year. There's nothing quite like taking a ride on the wheel and hearing an artist play while you're perched up 60-feet above the fest. The sweeping views of the Bay from the wheel are awesome and it can also be a welcome break from the fest hoopla to just coast and people-watch from above. This year's wheel will be on the pier and TIMF teased the look of it on their Instagram this week. I can't get the image of the grandiose Bay Bridge next to the wheel out of my head:

Art Installations

Treasure Island 2014 Gimbel 10

Photo by: Art Gimbel

TIMF has always been a welcome repository for Burning Man art. Years past have seen the beautiful 45-foot-tall "Bliss Dance" watching over the festival in all of her feminine beauty. 2015 saw Rebecca Anders' "Illumacanth,"a spiny deep-sea fish lit up at night, and the "Billion Jelly Bloom" has been known to make its way through the main stage crowd in the evening, for that "underwater" feel. This year's art installations have inexplicably not been officially announced, but perhaps it's a "you gotta be there" sort of vibe. Regardless, there's artistic beauty everywhere you turn at TIMF and for now, here's a hint.  See you on the island!