8 Beautiful Things You'll Discover at Envision Festival

Article by: Graham Berry|@Festival_Writer

Thu January 11, 2018 | 01:50 AM

In the great many experiences peppered throughout the vast world of modern festivals you’d be hard pressed to find one with as many stirring truths as the gem of Costa Rica, Envision Festival. Nestled alongside the beach in the heart of a jungle paradise, Envision Festival is a picture-perfect excuse to travel, providing an enriching experience for adventurers and knowledge seekers alike.

You’re probably familiar with at least a few of the psychological benefits to festivaling abroad, but in the human pursuit of life-defining truths, there are still more rewarding experiences to be found at Envision. Past the majestic landscapes and marvelous wildlife only found in Costa Rica, the site where Envision is held was at one time a deforested pasture reserved for cattle ranching, but through a year-round effort to reforest the area and a firm commitment to regenerative event production. Today, Envision has become a timely environmental success story and an innovative model for managing waste in the industry. As a result of where Envision is, and the ethos behind why it happens, guests are confronted with remarkable truths that are inspiring in their efforts. In anticipation for this year's event, we’ve put together this collection of a few of our favorites.

Traveling Abroad is Easier Than You Think

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A flight to Costa Rica averages almost $100 less than a flight from New York to Los Angeles or a flight from Portland to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Along with making good on the wistful New Years resolution that 24% of us make to “travel more” (according to Statista), there’s a deep satisfaction gained from blazing your own trail. From planning your adventure to experiencing it on the road, traveling can be surprisingly affordable and, once you’ve got a passport, a suitcase, and a little time to get away, you’ll discover it’s easier than you ever thought.

We Like Our Animals Like We Like Our Music

Envision Festival 2017 Jacob Avanzato Lemur

Photo by: Jacob Avanzato

Envision's eclectic and international lineup is always a chief attraction but there’s nothing like the sound of howler monkeys, seeing a sloth, or happening upon a pair of wild toucans at the festival. Before our human headliners go on, our stages are opened by the stars of the jungle and the night sky, alike. The wildlife in the area is known to make appearances from time to time as a reminder that we’re still strangers in this land. Last year, a whole pack of howler monkeys bounced in the trees next to the Luna stage to join us for Random Rab’s legendary sunrise set, which leaves us wondering: What messengers of the jungle might make an appearance at Envision 2018?

Nature Heals Us and…

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Last March the Guardian reported “people living close to trees and green spaces are less likely to be obese, inactive, or dependent on anti-depressants.” Even though science is only beginning to understand the relationship between health and nature, the therapeutic benefits of an adventure in the jungle are undeniable. In Costa Rica, nature's health benefits are common knowledge. Whether taking in the oranges and purples of a sunset or camping under the stars and trees, Envision demonstrates how nature can heal us. These untapped benefits are woven throughout the Envision experience – so much so, that they evoke such an appreciation for nature's beauty that we find ourselves with even more resolve to protect it.

Festivals Can Have a Positive Impact on the Environment

Envision Festival 2017 Jamieson Mulholland Planting

Most events may mismanage waste streams and pile trash into landfills, but Envision actually goes the distance with an honest ecological effort to really show people what’s possible. Disposable, single-use and EZ up-style products are turned away at the gate and all the stages are built with bamboo harvested sustainably from the local environment. With almost no waste produced at the event, (and compost created from the waste that is produced) and 175 trees planted last year alone, the destination is as much a marvel as the ingenuity and tenacity of the people who work the land to produce the event.

True Community Takes Care of Its Own

Envision Festival 2017 Jacob Avanzato Holding Hands On Beach

Photo by: Jacob Avanzato

There’s nothing quite like a multicultural community enjoying a weekend long festival while creating memories that last a lifetime. With community comes diverse knowledge, rich experiences, and the unwritten rule to lookout for each other. Some festivals point to free water as a show of care, but that PLUR evaporates when security turns water bottles away at the gate. Sometimes a situation calls for a little more than water. Envision is a festival with a refreshing perspective. For those with curiosity for the world beyond Western medicine, Envision offers an alternative medical clinic so that if a guest should scrape a knee or feel under the weather, they can select either a traditional remedy or a plant-based cure. Another important community service at Envision, The Zendo Project, provides psychedelic first aid to folks having a difficult experience. “We embrace different schools of philosophy and look to offer the best experience we can,” says Degan Wilcox, Envision co-founder and director of operations. “Sometimes that means that when more than one solution is available, we offer both.”

Culture Counts

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There are many lessons in the collection of cultures that converge at Envision. This is likely because Envision refines its style by concentrating on the inclusion of all cultures. If the diverse smorgasbord of distant languages and rainbow of skin tones aren’t enough to cultivate a little cultural curiosity, then rest assured the massive selection of food fresh from the tropics at the event will be just the thing to keep your wanderlust at bay.

Vegan Food Doesn't Have to Taste Like Cardboard

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Okay, so you may have already known that vegan food is the biz, but many don't quite yet. That means when someone hands over a plant-based piece of “chicken” tikka masala or a black bean burger, it can be intimidating – and saying “it’s healthier for you” doesn’t really help. In the festival’s food market, Envision has plenty of meat options but it also errs on the adventurous side. Their secret? By sourcing local ingredients and assembling the creme de la cashew creme of vegan chefs in the area, Envision is able to offer something decadent and delicious – and, yes, it’s healthier for you, too.

Costa Rica is Magical AF

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Culture is more than an afterthought in the experience at Envision; it’s included as a key ingredient in a recipe that seeks to change lives. Envision celebrates Costa Rican culture and its home country's environment by giving back to both. Against the backdrop of this tropical paradise, Envision is the perfect getaway for seekers of either mind-blowing adventure or deeply rooted truths, like the ones included in this article. Plus, for travelers, the one-of-a-kind festival upgrades can easily turn this tropical vacation into a timeless dream. And, with a cap of just 5,000 guests, is there any wonder why Envision has made festival bucket lists all over the world?

These are only a few of the truths we’ve found, but remember, the jungle holds truths for each of us – we need only look. Start your journey at Envision's website for info or get tickets here!

This article was produced in collaboration between Everfest's editors and Envision Festival.

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