Bay to Breakers: The Best Costumes of 2013

Article by: Art Gimbel

Tue May 21, 2013 | 00:00 AM

Bay to Breakers , the 7.46-mile long footrace from the Embarcadero’s concrete shore to the sand and fog of Ocean Beach, celebrated it’s 102nd run in San Francisco this past weekend. The course would be a fantastic urban walk by itself, but most need the push of 100,000 costumed runners, walkers, and centipedes to make the trek across the city. Despite fears of tightened restrictions following the tragedy of the April 15th Boston bombing, the costumed masses came and basked in the rare sunshine gracing the course. This was my seventh Bay to Breakers, and these were a few of my favorite costumes. Which ones are yours?

Screen_shot_2013_05_20_at_10The gnomes! Perhaps they came from the mysterious mini door found in the Inner Richmond.

Screen_shot_2013_05_20_at_10 (1)San Francisco takes their costumes and party so seriously they often match. Futurama’s Zoidberg and a cool Tecate.

IMG_1851_convertedThe Marching Band.

IMG_1934The Yip-Yip aliens

IMG_1868Just back from Coachella costume.

IMG_1967The Dominos! 

IMG_1780The Marina Douchebag. 

IMG_1978These guys!

IMG_1996_0An eight foot tall balloon monster!

IMG_1744Luchadores were everywhere.

IMG_2007The Smurfs!

IMG_2010Bob Ross!

IMG_1815The Pink Sharks… so many sharks this year. 

IMG_2014The Bearded Lady



Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? I seem to be on Fell and Clayton