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Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church|5501 Old Locust Lane, Harrisburg, PA | Map

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SLAVIC "PLUS" FOOD FEST -- Central PA’s unique celebration of Slavic, East African, and other ethnic foods is back and as tasty as ever! The Slavic “Plus” Food Fest at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church runs 12–3 p.m. Sat. and Sun., Oct. 2–3. On the menu are halupki (stuffed cabbage), pierogi, halushki (savory cabbage and noodles), Macedonian pub burgers, kielbasa, tsebi derho (spicy Eritrean chicken stew with spongy flatbread), alicha wot (turmeric-spiked veggie stew), Greek-style spanakopita, strudel, baklava, and the parish’s famous nut and poppy-seed rolls. VISA, MasterCard accepted. Event includes basket raffle.