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There are those brilliant moments in life where you start to feel the butterflies, you can't help but catch your breath and you start to notice the goosebumps on your arms. In that moment everything is perfect and simple, your heart feels whole and you could almost touch the electricity flowing in the air. That moment, that feeling, is the same current that fuels Das Energi, it's the current that connects us all. This Summer you'll feel the electricity charge and grow as we venture deeper. You'll feel the energi flowing through each and every dancer with connecting frequencies. When the vibrations enter your soul, and the visuals stimulate your inner being you too will begin to emit the same energi. Then, once we reach the highest frequencies, you'll feel the current of Das Energi flowing within your soul and all your stress and anxieties will dissipate, being replaced with a pure pulsating bliss... Das Energi, the current that connect us all.