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Purchase Tickets at: Peru’s “Inti Raymi” or Festival of the Sun is one of the top tourist attractions of the world. It is celebrated every year on the 24th of June where thousands of people from around the world arrive in Cusco to witness the most beautiful re-enactment of the most important festival of the Inca Empire. The “Inti Raymi” was a celebration of the winter solstice - the shortest day of the year in terms of the time between sunrise and sunset and also the Inca New Year. It lasted for nine days and was filled with colorful dances and processions, as well as animal sacrifices to thank Pachamama or Mother Earth and to ensure a good cropping season. The first Inti Raymi was celebrated in 1412. There are only 3,500 tickets available, so on the day of the event about 100 thousand people gather in the surrounding mountains to catch what they can of the central ceremonies. To make advanced reservations and not miss this amazing festival, reserve The full Inti Raymi tour which includes all of the stages of the “Inti Raymi” with exclusive seating at the main event in Sacsayhuaman, a box lunch, guide and transportation. Since all of the spoken parts of the Inti Raymi celebration are in “Quechua”, the tour guides provide translation. The weeks prior to and following Inti Raymi are full of open-air concerts and almost daily dance parades. This is because June is also considered Cusco’s anniversary, its Jubilee Month. If you’re planning on visiting Cusco in June, its recommended that you contact us to help you with all of your travel needs.