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Everfest stands in solidarity with the Black community and supports the fight for justice and equality. We will be donating the first month of each new vendor & artist subscription to the Austin Justice Coalition. We encourage you to join us and consider supporting the Austin Justice Coalition or the organization leading the ongoing movement for accountability and change in your community.

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Chandler Festivals 2023 - 2024 Calendar

About Chandler, AZ

Yeah, Chandler is one of the major suburbs of Phoenix, but the important thing here is that they have a major festival about Ostriches. That's right, there's a parade, ostrich meat to eat, music, and you can even watch chariots race being pulled by those strange flightless birds that are practically still dinosaurs. Chandler also has some major tech companies, a growing downtown area, a couple solid breweries, and a quite a few other festivals going on, as well. Check them out!