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Wollongong Festivals 2024 - 2025 Calendar

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The Best Festivals in Wollongong, NSW

Wollongong, Australia, affectionately referred to as “The Gong,” is an east coast city in the state of New South Wales. It’s a little over an hour drive south from Sydney’s big city charm. But Wollongong has charm all its own. So press those brakes before you make a break for the biggest city in Australia, and hop along through The Gong. The city is brimming with beautiful beaches, such as North Wollongong Beach and Wollongong City Beach. Ride the waves. Throw some steaks on the barbie for good measure. Get a dose of The Gong’s unique history and culture at places such as the Wollongong Art Gallery, Cordeaux Dam and Nan Tien Temple. Of course, your journey Down Under wouldn’t be complete without a foray through the festivals in Wollongong, where that culture and history can be smelled, tasted, heard and seen.