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South America Festivals 2024 - 2025 Calendar


The Best Festivals in South America

South America is the southern slice of the so-called New World. It stretches from the shared border between Colombia and Panama, down to the southern tips of Chile and Argentina. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are on either side. Other than ice-cold Antarctica, South America’s southern point stretches further south than any other continent on the globe. The landscape is diverse, from the Andes Mountains—the longest mountain chain in the world that’s not under water—to Copacabana Beach on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Just like the land, the nations and the people, the festivals in South America are a unique concoction of culture. Dance amongst colorfully clothed Brazilians at Carnival in Rio; take in some tango at Tango Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial in the capital of Argentina; or find fun within the confines of any South American festival.